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Burgers and baked mac n cheese at Brooklyn Bowl

August 1, 2010

Say what you will about hipsters, but their digs usually have some pretty good grub. Take Brooklyn Bowl, for example. Inside, you’ll find ironic t-shirts and fedoras galore (and of course, a huge concert space right next to the bowling alleys — because there must be a space for the band). If you’re waiting for a lane, order a cheeseburger to keep you company. You won’t regret.


I practically inhaled it. Their baked mac ‘n cheese was pretty legit too…

Baked mac n cheese

But…just don’t act like you care.

Restaurant Info:
Brooklyn Bowl

61 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 963-3369


One thought on “Burgers and baked mac n cheese at Brooklyn Bowl

  1. Nada

    no lie this place is bangin. The hubs n I go there all the time. The bbq is DEEEELISH. My favs are the bbq wings and the grilled adobo corn … spicy, cheesy, corny (just like me). Music is always great too…Questo DJ residency thru sept, FELA launch party, sharon jones & the dap kings. the one draw back bout this place is actually the bowling. Not claiming to be an amazing bowler but I swear their balls are greasy and their lanes are tilted. Also I have some (nerd) issues with the physics of the bowling when their pin pick up method is strings attached to pin tops… but whatever thats just me. With their yummy food, I can be persuaded not to care

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