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The Wormhole Coffee in Wicker Park, Chicago

August 7, 2010

By Summar Ghias

Delorean car at Wormhole Cafe

It was the second non-chain coffeehouse I stumbled onto in my trot around Wicker Park for java, but Wormhole Coffee left quite the impression. My friend and I had spontaneously wandered around the hipster neighborhood in general discovery mode, only to find ourselves at the storefront in awe of a particularly familiar-looking car just inside. The real-life-size DeLorean with the vanity license plate OUTATIME was straight out of Back to the Future, and it, like the rest of the café, took us back to our childhoods.

Iconic childhoods toys and posters make this ‘80s themed spot as quirky as the neighborhood. Frankly, I was sold from the bat.

Wormhole opened in June and pays homage to science fiction and fantasy from the 80s. Baristas serve up some serious Metropolis coffee and sweet goods from Fritz Pastry. The most out there item on the menu: kid cereals like Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Puffs that are served with a shot of espresso for those hoping to “get cuckoo”. I refrained, but ordered that day’s special, a vanilla bean latte. Tasty coffee at an unconventional spot, and suddenly Chicago was looking a whole lot brighter.

Restaurant Info:
The Wormhole Coffee

1462 N Milwaukee
btw Evergreen Ave. and Honore St.
Wicker Park, Chicago

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