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Beauty and the Feast on the Food Network!!

August 11, 2010

By Melissa Stephans

I may be the only person in Los Angeles who is not an actor. However, when duty calls…

Being interviewed for the Food Network - airing Aug 15

BATF had the great fortune of being asked to contribute to a new television series on the Food Network called The Great Food Truck Race. The show will debut on August 15th at 10pm EST / 7pm PST, and yours truly will make her grand debut as a certified food expert (well, blogger anyway) on the August 22nd episode. The host will be a famous American chef who already has a show on the network, but since his identity has not yet been revealed on their site, I don’t want to blow his cover (hint: he is the speaker in the promo).

I can’t wait to see this because I am dying to watch a show devoted to the national food truck phenomenon. It’s fascinating to compare these sophisticated vendors from cities across the country, and it is downright inspiring to see some of their creations. But please–when the time comes to watch me speak, I ask that you attribute my dry, lackluster lips to the many mouthwatering foods I had to endure in prep and research. I mean, my complete lack of lip gloss–thanks to the subpar staying power of MAC’s Cremesheen Glass–had nothing to do with my nerves. Nope. (Did that convince you?).

Stay tuned…

12 thoughts on “Beauty and the Feast on the Food Network!!

  1. Sara

    Congratulations! That’s so awesome. I gotta set a reminder in my phone. This I can’t miss ;o)

  2. Nicole

    OMGAH, how AWESOME!!

    I was looking forward to this show, but I’m all the more so now that I know you’re gonna be on!

    Congrats Shy! 🙂

  3. shyema Post author

    Thanks Nicole 🙂 Actually, Melissa, our fab West Coast Editor is holding down the fort for this one, so look out for her!

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