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Animal Style burgers and fries at Cali’s In-N-Out Burger

August 14, 2010

This should make Melissa proud. I was in Cali recently and decided to introduce my lil sis to In-N-Out Burger (it was her first time on the West coast).

Animal Style cheeseburger

She was captivated by the secret ‘animal-style’ menu option, but said that she wished there was more meat in the burger — should have ordered a double. Or, had I re-read Melissa’s earlier post on In-N-Out, I would have remembered there is a caveman/protein bun-less option. OK I might piss some people off right now, but I don’t think it’s the best burger I’ve had..I’m mostly not a fan of the bun it’s served on. But THAT said, it’s a Cali staple and I felt like when in Cali, do as the Californians do…so I went twice (that includes making sure I had one for the road on the way to the airport).

Animal Style fries

No complaints about the fries — one order of them made ‘animal style’ easily filled the both of us up.


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