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Audrina Patridge checks out Garnier’s new product launches — and I was there.

August 15, 2010

By Melissa Stephans

Audrina Patridge getting pampered at the Garnier launch event

Garnier recently held a party in Malibu to celebrate the launch of a bevy of new hair and skincare products. The event, which drew beauty writers and bloggers—including moi—also drew a pretty flawless looking Audrina Patridge.  Her hair was effortlessly breezy and her skin had a remarkable glow, which convinced me that Garnier’s new products are definitely worth a look.

Thanks to a very hefty swag bag — a.k.a 10 pounds of product tucked into a Helen Kaminski raffia tote — I was able to road test some of the goods. Here’s what I found:


Garnier Nutritioniste’s Moisture Rescue line: This new line is unique because it uses fruit water extract to hydrate skin without leaving a residue. Grape seed water extract provides antioxidants that protect skin from environmental damage, and apple water extract helps to maintain the skin’s moisture barrier.

Refreshing Gel-Cream: Left my skin soft and moisturized, yet it was light enough so my skin was not greasy. Great at night. On my skin, this gel-cream delivered what it promised.

Lightweight UV-Lotion: This lotion absorbs so well! I was able to maintain the moisture throughout the day without morphing into an oil slick. I wish it had a higher SPF though, as it is only SPF 15.

Skin Renew Anti-Dark Concealer: I wanted to love this concealer for its light, easily-absorbed formula; however, the sheer tint was too dark for my pale skin. It felt great going on, plus, the lemon essence mixed with caffeine is bound to be an effective combination for many people.

Fructis Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner
: Both of these smell like a juicy, ripe piece of fruit. Plus, they actually work! My hair felt soft and silky. They didn’t weigh my hair down with waxes or dry it out.

Next on my list to try is Garnier’s Fructis Style Blow Dry Perfector. It’s a kit that smoothes your hair in two steps and it lasts, according to the box, seven whole shampoos…but I will let you know.

Oh, and take a look at the delish treats Garnier provided!

Chef Manouschka of Private Chefs of Beverly Hills fame catered the party, and for someone who served up some seriously savory bites, she was remarkably humble.  The talented chef checked in on guests as they practically inhaled her refreshing watermelon gazpacho and juicy mini burgers.

But back to Garnier’s new products, is there anything I mentioned that you are already dying to try? Let us know…you never know what’s going to inspire our next BATF giveaway 😉

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