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Sip Sak in Midtown East

August 18, 2010

I almost didn’t recognize Sip Sak when I walked into it a few months ago. The Turkish restaurant in midtown east had been completely renovated, offering a little French twist to their menu along with their a more elegant decor.

Combo appetizer

Grape leaves

Owned by well-known Turkish restauranteur and chef, Orhan Yegen, he said the renovations were partly made to allow him to offer weekend breakfast/brunch. Regarding the updated menu fusion menu, he says: “When I was raised in Istanbul, most of the restaurants and pastry shops were all French style and the bread I ate every day was called Francala. First time I was introduced to Pita bread was in New York…The city has thousands of Italian restaurants owned by non Italians. I feel it is okay if I have little French flavor in my restaurant.”

Lamb chops

I went there again last month for a birthday lunch. While I loved the appetizers, I didn’t feel the same about my manti. It was just a little too bland. The lamb chops got rave reviews from my friends though. And with a party of 15+, the waiters were especially gracious.

Restaurant Info:
Sip Sak

928 Second Ave.
btw 49th and 50th St.
New York, NY 10022
Midtown East


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