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Beauty Tip of the Day: Use Hairspray to tame Flyaways

August 22, 2010

“Tame flyaways without making hair look greasy by misting your palms with aerosol hairspray, then running them over your crown and through your ends.”Jemma Muradian, makeup artist.

Try: TRESemme Tres Two Hairspray

PS, I now do this when I’m in a rush after learning this tip from Jemma and it works like a charm. xShy

3 thoughts on “Beauty Tip of the Day: Use Hairspray to tame Flyaways

  1. jess b.

    i have little baby hairs all over my forehead that sometimes do not even get tamed by hair spray or gel without sticking up or looking weird, so what i do now is use my mascara wand and go over them lightly, its amazing they get tamed and go in the exact direction i want them to with no grease or sticky feel. you have to use the same color as your own hair or a clear mascara, its a quick fix and works amazingly.

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