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GIVEAWAY: Marley Coffee founded by Rohan Marley

August 24, 2010

Coffee lovers, listen up! I’m so excited to present our very first FOOD giveaway on the blog! And even more excited that it’s from the organic gourmet coffee line founded by Rohan Marley (son of legendary musician Bob Marley), Marley Coffee.

Rohan founded the company only a year ago. Marley Coffee features a collection of 5 coffees that are ethically farmed, certified organic and sustainably grown. According to their website, “Marley Coffee offers an assortment of shade-grown coffee blends from the finest coffee producing regions in the world, including Central and South America, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. They also offer an organic single origin java from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Marley Coffee is determined to deliver intoxicating aroma and rich, smooth flavor into every cup that bears the Marley name.”

Through this company, he also founded the Kicks For Cause Foundation, giving back to the community on which his company thrives. The Foundation helps provide soccer fields and soccer camps to children of the coffee producing communities around the world beginning in Jamaica. For more information on these fabulous coffees, please visit

The Marley Coffee line

Now back to the giveaway :). Each coffee retails for $14.99, but Marley Coffee is offering one (1) BATF reader a chance to win an assortment of coffees worth $45, which includes:

  • Mystic Morning (wake up coffee)
  • Lively Up (5 bean espresso blend)
  • One Love (ethiopian yirgacheffe)

    There are two ways to enter this giveaway. Do both and you double your chances of winning!

    1) Leave a comment on this post about how much you love coffee 🙂


    2) Tweet “RT @BeautyNDFeast Coffee lovers! Enter to win coffee from Bob Marley’s son, Rohan’s @MarleyCoffee by RT this post”

    Winner will be announced on Sept 1st! Good luck!


    26 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Marley Coffee founded by Rohan Marley

    1. Benazir

      I love coffee! I’m fasting and just the thought of the sweet aroma is making my mouth water.. I’m an addict.

    2. jess b.

      Ive become a coffee collector ever since i bought my own coffee maker, id love to add this to my collection and would make a great topic of discussion when friends come over for a coffee session

    3. Farhan

      I love coffee. I expect to hear steel drums when I open a bag of the Marley coffee. It would put me in a good mood for the whole day.

    4. jugalaga.

      if you only knew how much coffee i drank and listened to the marleys jam. i deserve this. i deserve this bad.

    5. SG

      ok, i want it. diehard coffee lover with written proof of said love in various forms on your lovely and delicious blog. done and done 😉

    6. sadia

      the 2 things i miss the most during Ramadan are Coffee & Water! this look AMAZING..i’m salivating =] and i just Retweeted!

    7. Sidnie Kruse

      One love is definitely my favorite marley coffee. It is so smooth and full bodied. Nothing better than sitting out on the deck drinking a cup of it to start my day. Check out their awesome clothes line. I love wearing my jacket and having people ask me about it.

    8. Island Tom

      Yes I! If only all food was grown like Marley Coffee, the world would be a more uplifted and positive place. One Love! Now put it in K-Cups and make my day!

    9. jean

      I already LOVE Marley Coffee, especially One Love. My hubby and I just got married last weekend, and he gave my parents One Love as a gift =D

    10. beth brooker

      love me some Marley Coffee — been ordering for about 18 months …any extra will be irie. one love and blessings to all

    11. Sandra

      I LOVE coffee, and would love to try this!
      Please let me know if this giveaway is closed to Canadian addresses (I live in Canada).

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    13. Sara

      I love a good cup o’ joe. I feel like I’m more my age when I’ve got hot coffee instead of cold milk ;o)

    14. Farakh

      Coffee, coffee, coffee…. Oh I miss my morning coffee in Ramadan! This stuff is reminding me just how much I miss coffee. I hope I win this! Sounds aromatically delicous!!!!!!

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