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El Taquito in Austin, TX

August 25, 2010

By Burger Guy

Taco from El Taquito

There’s this taco joint across the street from my apartment called El Taquito. The reviews on Yelp were pretty good so I ran over there just now to get a couple of tacos.

I got three chicken and one steak. The reviews on Yelp say that this place is as authentic as it gets in terms of homemade Mexican food. Based on my limited knowledge of Mexico that I got from watching the World Cup, they are right. The cilantro is fresh, the onions are crunchy and the chicken is spicy white meat. I covered mine in pico de gallo and then drenched them in jalapeno sauce. I was sweating and had a runny nose, but man it was delicious. The steak one was pretty good too, but spicy chicken tacos are rapidly becoming my favorite quick snack.

Did I mention they range from $1.50-1.75 each? In your face. Nom nom nom.

Restaurant Info:
El Taquito

1713 E Riverside Dr
Austin, TX 78741
Oltorf/East Riverside

5 thoughts on “El Taquito in Austin, TX

  1. Sarah

    (im mostly just bitter bc i read this thinking shyema had posted it meaning these delectable looking tacos were somewhere in midtown meaning i had my iftar for tonight all planned in my head. then i realized they were in texas and i hate you.)

  2. Sarah

    i refuse to take responsibility for the lack of logic i display when under the influence of fasting. i mean hello the subject line says it’s in austin and yet i still thought I was having these for iftar, what does that tell you?

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