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Orange Contemporary Brunch in Chicago

August 26, 2010

By Summar Ghias

I’ve been hearing about Orange for a while now from some east coast friends, but had never made it out to the contemporary brunch spot on any visits home these past couple of years. Now that home (i.e. Chicago) is actually my place of residence, it was time to give it a shot.

The citrusy pancakes were bursting with flavors like lavender orange, rosemary blood orange, tarragon lime, and basil grapefruit.

My cousins and I decided to go to the River North location, but there are five in all dotted around the city (Shy had previously gone to the Orange on Grand Ave. if you remember). The restaurant supports locally grown organic products and the eggs on the creative menu are free range. Perhaps most notable about Orange, though, is the pancake flight, which changes weekly and consists of four flavors of mini pancakes. This week’s theme: citrus.

This baked chai-infused French toast was stuffed with ricotta, served over a chai latte reduction and topped with honey and caramelized apples. And yes, it tasted as good as it sounds!

We decided to order two sweet and two savory dishes: the citrus pancake flight, the chai French toast, the Tijuana benedict, and an omelet with asparagus, forest mushrooms and jack cheese. And although I’m not usually one to mix fruit with my caffeine, I got the special orange roasted coffee to pay homage to the restaurant’s name.

Tijuana Benedict: An english muffin topped with white bean puree, fresh pico de gallo, poached eggs, chipotle hollandaise sauce and chopped cilantro.

I think it’s accurate to say we finished our food in ten minutes flat. The Tijuana benedict was a souped-up version with poached eggs, white bean puree, fresh pico de gallo, and chipotle hollandaise sauce. It was the favorite of our meal. Our citrus pancake flight certainly wasn’t lacking flavor with unusual combinations like lavender orange, tarragon lime and basil grapefruit. And the chai French toast was the perfect dessert-like cap, stuffed with ricotta cheese, served over a chai latte reduction and topped with honey and caramelized apples. Drooling yet?

The Omelet #6 with asparagus, mushrooms and jack cheese had a balsamic drizzle on top, but even that wasn’t enough for it to compete with the other dishes.

My least favorite item was our omelet with asparagus and forest mushrooms. But that may be because along side the other dishes, it paled in comparison.

I’ll be going back to try their uniquely fruity take on sushi (dubbed frushi,) and already noted a bunch of other items that sound equally yummy. Will keep you posted if round 2 is as delectable as the first!

Restaurant info:
Orange Contemporary Brunch

738 N. Clark St
nr. W. Chicago Ave.
River North, Chicago

7 thoughts on “Orange Contemporary Brunch in Chicago

  1. Summar

    Just an FYI since Shyema wasn’t as impressed with the Grand Ave location, I’ve also heard some not as stellar reviews of the Wicker Park location too. I wonder if this one was just exceptional or if we seemed to get all the right things on the menu. Regardless, it was definitely yummy!

  2. Saima

    I’m a huge fan of potatoes and I did not like theirs. Eggs were great frushi was good too. My daughter loved the fruity pebble pancakes!

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