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Noodle Bar in Greenwich Village…Love

August 31, 2010

There’s nothing I didn’t love about the food we had at Noodle Bar down in Greenwich Village. Their Pan-Asian food is a healthy mix of Thai, Indian, and Korean-inspired (at least by my count). I ordered their Coconut Shrimp dish with spicy flat noodles.

Coconut Shrimp & Spicy Rice Noodle, $11

What I loved about this dish was the jumbo shrimp was covered by a thick fried coconut shell where you can really taste the flavor. The flat noodles were delicious too, not overly-doused in oil.

Mee Sian: rice vermicelli, tofu, chives, $7.50

My friend Marie got this veggie dish which was equally and unassumingly tasty. She also ordered a mango lassi, which FYI, is doesn’t taste much like real Indian mango lassi (which is a lot thicker and heavy). But I’m not a huge lassi fan anyway so this was good thing to me. The drink really just a standard delicious mango smoothie. The place is not expensive either, perfect for just a simple laidback dinner with friends. Just remember to bring cash. They don’t accept credit cards!

Restaurant Info
Noodle Bar

26 Carmine St.
New York, NY
Greenwich/West Village


And just a PS, they also have a LES location down on Orchard Street.

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