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Hollywood’s skin-beautifying products from Arcona

September 3, 2010

By Melissa Stephans

Fans of Arcona include Natalie Portman

Arcona is a brand that has long been on my beauty bucket list.  The name itself brings me comfort, thanks to the steady magazine coverage it’s earned throughout the years.  So, now that I’m stuck in L.A. (“Bitter, party of one” needs a plane ticket to NYC ASAP), I’m making great strides to experience places and products that really represent the city.

Arcona was created by a chemist who believed that quality ingredients could be combined and processed in a way that keeps the enzymes and antioxidants active and effective.  The company’s studio, which is in Santa Monica, has helped celebrities and civilians protect their skin from the daily abuse hurled at them from smog and sun.

The holistic skincare line boasts a hoard of celeb fans, including Natalie Portman.  Since I want nothing short of movie star skin, I’ve decided to go to Arcona, too.  This is what I found:

“The Basic Five” is the way to go.  Arcona groups skincare into categories, each with five basic steps.  I used a variation of The Basic Five for problem skin:

Raspberry Acne Bar

Raspberry Acne Bar — I was a little terrified to use a cleansing bar on my face.  The idea that bacteria can sit and grow on it horrifies me, so I was pretty shocked that this worked so well.  It left my skin soft and it smelled yummy.  I made sure to let it air dry before closing the container.

Cranberry Gommage

Cranberry Gommage — Oh.  My. God.  There is no way to describe how fruity and fragrant this scrub is!  Seriously…I completely ignored the fact that this is not a mask, and just left it on for hours so I could smell as mouthwatering as this product.

AM Acne Lotion

AM Acne Lotion — This thin antibacterial serum is sticky and moist, but it really did the trick.  Unlike many acne lotions, it does not have a pungent odor.  Plus, it actually moisturized my skin while obliterating blemishes.

Raspberry Clarifying Pads

Raspberry Clarifying Pads — Loved these.  I carried them everywhere, and they didn’t leak once.  This product was one of my faves because it was not harsh at all.

Reozone 40

Reozone 40 — This SPF 40 sunscreen has a subtle tint mixed into its “whisper light” texture.  I’m happy to report that this did not leave my skin greasy!  Also, the tint was not too dark for my difficult-to-match skin tone.

Though you don’t have to invest in all of these products to make a difference in your skin (the ones here range from $32-$38 a piece), this combination did work brilliantly on mine.  Two people actually commented on how much better my skin has looked in the past month.  Luckily, you don’t have to live in La La Land to get the goods.

Arcona’s additive-free products are available online ( and is newly available at

Have you ever tried products from Arcona? What did you think?

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