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Carlashes – Eyelashes for your car?

September 9, 2010

Yes this is for real.

Carlashes: Eyelashes for your car?

I mean…I know some people like to name their cars and pretend it has its own personality but I think CarLashes just took it to a whole other level. The company makes adhesive curled “lashes” that attach to your car’s headlights, giving it sort of well, a bit of a face lift? And it’s only $24.95. Shockingly, there’s more: you can add “Crystal Eyeliner” for an additional $19.95. The rhinestone bling attaches directly on the paint. Well…if you want your car to really get noticed, I’m pretty sure this will do the job. It’s a little too kooky for me, but points for creativity?

What do you think?


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