Chanpen Thai in Midtown West

I’ve eaten at Emapanada Mama enough times to have at least tried this Thai restaurant, Chanpen, right next door¬†earlier — but for some reason I never have until now. Now, I feel like there have been way too many missed opportunities because every dish we had here was so delicious. And SPICY. Very spicy. Like, nose running spicy.¬†If you like/can handle spicy food, you’ll love this place.

Chanpen curry puffs

I think these curry puffs were stuffed with lobster, but I can’t remember exactly. I love coconut-based panang curry (remember when I said I judge a Mexican place by its chicken? I normally judge a Thai place by its panang curry…no, not their pad thai. Not a huge pad thai lover.). So anyway. I usually default to this dish, though this is the first time I ordered it with tofu. Loved it.
Panang curry with tofu

Pad Khi Mao* chicken, sauteed with mixed vegetable, chili and basil
Flat noodles with shrimp

I tried my friends’ plates too, and they were both were not overboard with the oil which I liked. I can’t remember the name of the dish my friend got with the flat noodles/shrimp…but I guess you can just ask for which flat noodle dishes they have there? Sorry, that’s not helpful I know. I need to keep a notepad.

Another thing, you know how SOMETIMES they’ll adjust spice to their…umm..customers? I don’t know if they just made our dishes extra spicy on purpose. I’m not complaining but I guess I’d have to hear from other people if they had the same experience when they went.

Restaurant Info:
Chanpen Thai

761 9th Ave.
at the corner of 51st St.
New York, NY 10019
Midtown West



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