New Favorite: Secret Scent Expressions Body Splash

Secret Expression Body Splashes

It seems like so many brands better known for their deodorants are starting to create body sprays in complimentary scents. I’ve tried a bunch of these already, but I think Secret’s Scent Expressions Body Splashes are by far my favorite.

I was sent a package of the five scents (Cucumber Aloe, Fresh Water Orchid, So Very Summerberry, Cocoa Butter Kiss, and Ooh la la Lavendar) from Secret. When I first started testing them, my roommates seriously kept aah’ing over every one. They smell so fresh and light without being overbearing, as I find with other body sprays (especially the ones with fruity-notes).

I love that they are so small and portable too. Right now, Ooh la la Lavendar goes with me everywhere in the city. When I went on vacation to Turkey recently, I packed the Cucumber Aloe. And now, I’m visiting my aunt’s house in Jersey for the weekend and my cousin followed me out of my room to ask me what I’m wearing (it’s Cocoa Butter Kiss).


• Scents have multiple benefits beyond what your nose enjoys, aromatherapists say that essential oils from flowers and trees can ease muscle cramps and improve short-term memory.

• Scents help stimulate the mind and memory functions. Specifically, scents such as Rosemary can help you feel more alert and on your game. These benefits are tie back to how the sense of smell is the only sense directly connected to the central nervous system.

• To reduce stress, look to lavender, bergamot, marjoram, sandalwood, lemon, chamomile and valerian. These scents have been shown to produce sedating brain wave patterns that make people feel calmer and better able to cope.

And best part is, each of the body splashes are less than $5. Check them out when you’re at the drugstore next and let me know what you think!

Have you tried any of the antiperspirant/deodorant brands’ body sprays? Which ones are your favorite?


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  1. zayan wrote:

    true story.
    but they do smell really good.

    Posted 11.23.10
    keep up the good work
    i will visit this web more often


    Posted 11.25.10
  3. Gonna try some. Hope it smells good.

    Posted 1.11.11
  4. Mo wrote:

    i tried the Cocoa Butter Kiss and i absolutely love it. i ended up buying another value pack at BJ’s just to get the spray. Love it! keep making more!

    Posted 2.7.11

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