Gift Guide: HAI flat iron with built in MP3 player

Since it IS the holiday season, I’ll be posting gift ideas throughout the week. Let’s start with this one: HAI’s Hot Tunes MP3 Styling Iron.

HAI Hot Tunes MP3 Styling Iron, $130

Sometimes, I really have the applaud the creativity of these manufacturers. I would have never thought of this, but I think it satisfies my hair styling needs and music junkie tendencies at once. This iron has a built in MP3 player that can store up to 2 hours of your favorite music, and has premium quality speakers, with bass and treble range. Plus, the edges are beveled so it can double as a curling iron (which I love, since I use my straightening iron to curl more than I do to actually straighten).

I think it makes for a pretty sweet gift. It’s normally $175, but you can purchase it on for only $130 + free shipping.


What do you think? Would you ever buy a flat iron that you can play music with while you use?



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  1. Jess B. wrote:

    I have the hardest time curling with a straightening iron with the curls going away from the face, ive tried watching tons of videos but can never get both sides right, any tips or suggestions?

    Posted 11.23.10
  2. shyema wrote:

    Ohhh I’m planning to do a video on this! It’s seriously so easy, and so quick to do it, and the easiest way to do it is with a flat iron. Stay tuned, it’s in the works!

    Posted 11.24.10
  3. winyan wrote:

    do you have any other straighteners you recommend under $100?

    Posted 11.24.10
  4. shyema wrote:

    YES! I use another HAIR iron and they’re more like $75-$80. Folica’s top 10 is a great guide and there are a few Solia ones under $100 as well (Link:! Just make sure you get something with rounded edges so you can also use it to curl/make pretty waves…it will make it even more worth the investment if it can multi-task!

    I think the one I use is similar to this one:

    Posted 11.24.10
  5. Jess B wrote:

    nice! look fwd to the video!

    Posted 11.25.10
  6. Jess B wrote:


    Posted 11.25.10
  7. winyan wrote:

    thanks for the tip! will check em out! always love your hair…

    Posted 11.29.10
  8. Yes! Finally someone writes about flat iron reviews.

    Posted 9.28.12

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