Gift Guide: Cashmink scarves from Fraas

Fraas' showroom

I recently had the chance to visit the showroom of Fraas, a scarf company that has been in the business for over 130 years. It was a scarf wonderland which was pretty great for me since scarves are my most favorite accessory ever. They just recently launched their line of super-soft “Cashmink” scarves. Cashmink — a name coined by Fraas — is actually spun from acrylic but is finer than any other natural fiber. It’s actually 20% finer than cashmere itself and it feel just as soft, if not even softer but these scarves cost MUCH less.

Cashmink scarves

In fact, when stylist Sarah Shirley came over my apartment recently and started going through my scarf drawer, she stopped when she picked up one of the Cashmink scarves that was sent to me. “What is this? It’s so soft!” She loved the blue color combination of the scarf too and suggested I wear it with a blazer and jeans.

Black blazer, gray shirt and blue Cashmink scarf

I like to wear it over a plain outfit too on the weekends…


Thought it would be a great addition to our ongoing gift guide for the holidays. While real cashmere scarves can be $100 upwards, Cashmink ones go anywhere from $25 – $45. But P.S., I saw them on sale at JCPenney for $10. Any other scarf fiends out there?



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  1. Samar wrote:

    Great find, I don’t know anyone who loves scarves more than me!

    Posted 11.29.10
  2. shyema wrote:

    I think we might be twins

    Posted 11.29.10

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