Gift Guide: Baby clothes from K&J

Sun protective clothing from K&J

I guess because I’m a soon-to-be-aunt, I’m going gaa gaa over kiddie clothes. I was so excited when I found out Yale dermatologist, Mona Gohara, who has been BATF‘s resident expert on skin issues like dry skin and acne, just launched a sun protective clothing line with her husband called K&J (named after their sons).

While she believes sun protection should start at birth, sun protective lotions should not be used on babies especially under six months. This line is made of 100% cotton and has been tested at the International UV Testing Laboratories in Auburn, AL, to show that they block 99% of the sun’s rays. They also come tagless for the sensitive and eczema-prone tots.

K&J clothing sell for $20 on their website (



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  1. Katherine wrote:

    I came across this article when I was looking for sun protective clothing for my 5 year old. K & J’s web site doesn’t work anymore-I tried to find them on Facebook and they stopped posting in 2011.

    But I found a terrific company, Little Leaves Clothing Company, that I wanted to tell you about. Their sun protective shirts and pants were developed by a dermatologist and pediatrician couple and has UPF 50+ with no chemicals. Their fabric is a bamboo/cotton blend. I ordered a shirt for my son, and it’s literally the softest shirt he owns! Thought I’d post their link just in case others are looking for sun protective clothing for their kiddos:

    Posted 4.14.15

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