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Gift Guide: Dots iPhone Gloves

December 5, 2010

By Summar Ghias

Dots iPhone merino lambswool gloves

Maybe it’s because I seem to be outnumbered amongst my circle of friends (that includes you, Shy!), but these days it feels like it’s an iPhone nation. So to all you iPhoners out there, you may want to stop fumbling to take off your gloves as you text. The brand Dots sells merino lambswool gloves (in coal, clay, brick and bark) for just $20 that boast the thumb, index and middle fingertips capability to operate your iPhone with skin-like responsiveness. And if it saves an entire iPhone generation from getting frostbite, we’d say it’s a holiday gift worth giving.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Gift Guide: Dots iPhone Gloves

  1. hUddi

    interesting, iPhone keyboard sucks, but i wonder if this is just a gimmick, cause it certainly looks like regular gloves.

    gotta try to believe. but what about in the the summer? have they made the summer glove yet?

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