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Comic book junkies rejoice: MAC Wonder Woman Coming this Spring

January 14, 2011

MAC's latest inspiration

MAC cosmetics is unveiling their Wonder Woman series this spring, and it’s just as bold (in color AND packaging) as you’d expect.

MAC Wonder Woman Spring 2011

Here’s a peek at some of the Wonder Woman products:

MAC Wonder Woman Lipsticks, $15.50 each

Lipglass, $19.50 each

MAC blue, green, and purple Opulash Mascaras, $15 each

Eye Quad in Defiance, $40

Reflects Glitter in Bronze, $21

Penultimate eye liner in Rapidblack, $18.50

Makeup bag, $30

What do you think? I love that they picked Wonder Woman…but I really think their next collection should be an X-Men series…for sure. That would rock my world.

Team Rogue/Gambit

7 thoughts on “Comic book junkies rejoice: MAC Wonder Woman Coming this Spring

  1. Saima

    i just got realllly excited! thanks for posting! an xmen would def be cool too. i can actually picture the colors. i am a huge comic book nerd. 😀

  2. Saima

    the line is out… a makeup artist friend is picking some products up for me! i will let you know how i like em :) (i am getting the eye liner too!)

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