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Herbal Essences’ new revitalized shampoos and conditioners

February 4, 2011

When I was sent shampoo and conditioner from Herbal Essences, I was a little confused. It looked the same as it always had…the cutesy names of each formulation, like “Hello Hydration,” “None of Your Frizzness,” all remain unchanged. Usually if I receive a complimentary product to review, it’s something brand new. But here I couldn’t figure it out right away. It kinda felt like the first day of school after summer vacation, seeing your friend who just got her braces removed — there’s definitely something different but you can’t quite put your finger on it at first.

Herbal Essences Revitalized formula of Long Term Relationship

I learned quickly that even though these may look the same, they certainly had gone through some changes.

In fact, Herbal Essences has completely reformulated their shampoos and conditioners for quicker, shinier results. Their newer “Revitalized” line may have kept the same look, but they now contain water-activated silkening ingredients that work after just one shower. My hair is super long, so I was eager to try their Long-Term Relationship shampoo and conditioner, which is supposed to strengthen your hair to prevent breakage. To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about the previous version they had, so this was going to be a real test for me.

I wasn’t expecting anything amazing, but after testing it out I was seriously impressed! My hair was soft, shiny, and I didn’t even have the little frizzies that I usually have after I leave my to dry. I was admiring out loud at how silky my hair felt to my roommate (girls do such things), and she said she also tried it and felt like it left her hair super soft too. Good news is, they still leave your hair with that lovely smell. So this definitely gets the BATF apartment stamp of approval :).

I also met Charles Baker Strahan, Leighton Meester’s stylist who works with all of Herbal Essences’ products, and he told us her personal favorite is the rich conditioning likes of Hello Hydration. And at $3 a bottle, you can probably afford to try a few of their new formulas.

Anyone else love Herbal Essences’ shampoos or conditioners? Which one is your favorite?


3 thoughts on “Herbal Essences’ new revitalized shampoos and conditioners

  1. Nicole

    I’ve been looking for some new shampoo/conditioner to try & from what you wrote, they seem promising!

    I have long hair too & I will definitely try this. Thanks! :)

  2. sarah

    it’s kind of ridiculous – i have literally half the line – but i too was confused if it was only the design that had changed. i have the old long term relationship also and it didn’t do much for me (unlike hello hydration, none of your frizziness, drama clean, whatever the curly one is called and degunkify – all of which live up to their names). would have looked forward to the new long term version if i hadn’t had my hair chopped off today :(

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