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What are Kim and Kourtney Kardashians’ favorite NYC restaurants?

February 12, 2011

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian at QVC's party

Yes, people…I FINALLY met Kourtney and Kim Kardashian (I can already hear my sister freaking out…actually, I sort of witnessed it already online). They were live at QVC‘s fashion presentation in NYC for their K-Dash, and I was granted one question on the red carpet before the show. I guess I could have asked them a beauty question, but you know…I was hungry. I asked about their favorite NYC restaurants instead :)

So there you have it. Serafina, Bar Pitti, and Mr. Chow.

Could they possibly be planning their Valentine’s dinner at one of the aforementioned? Don’t count on it — the girls said they will be far from the east coast where it’s warm and sunny in Las Vegas for V-Day!


7 thoughts on “What are Kim and Kourtney Kardashians’ favorite NYC restaurants?

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  2. shazia

    let’s let this post ride at the top for a while, shall we? also, serafina!! what if they are RIGHT there sometimes? i think we should eat there weekly from now on. your treat.

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