The new Sedu Revolution Clipless Iron (and sister bonding time)

I think discovering clipless irons has changed my hair life. It’s been the only type of iron I’ve been able to use on myself to make gorgeous waves that hold. sent me their latest and greatest clipless to review, the Sedu Revolution and I decided instead of making another tutorial of myself (I’m pretty sure you guys are sick of me trying to curl my hair in front of a camera anyway), I decided to switch things up a bit, so I enlisted my sister Haji to help me review it.

Sister bonding time

Well, there’s actually two reasons I wanted her help — first, ever since I posted my last tutorial about how to use a clipless, she has been begging me use one on her. Second, she has been blessed with GORGEOUS thick, dark hair. I knew this would be fun.

The new Sedu Revolution clipless iron

I’ve been pretty happy with my other iron, but this has some additional features that mine didn’t have. RIGHT off the bat, I noticed (and really appreciated) its super long cord (a nine foot cord to be exact). It’s also very lightweight and sleek-looking. It’s ultra-polished ceramic coating ensures glossy curls (as you’ll see), and a little security stand that you can pop out so it can safely stand on its own on your table (you can see it in the picture above).

Sedu's heat settings

One of its best features I think though is its adjustable heat settings…and totally superficial note, I loved that it lit up in blue — so pretty (sigh). My other iron automatically heats up to the highest setting which is fine for me because my hair is a bit on the thicker side. But if you have short or finer hair (or if you just want looser curls), it’s so clutch to have the option to use it at a lower setting. We used it on the highest setting for Haji. Here’s her before pic.

Haji before pic

Her hair is straight in the pic, but it’s normally naturally wavy like mine. I showed her how I hold the iron and how to wrap the hair around the barrel keeping it rounded (not flat) to get more wavy-like results. I made a little video of her using the iron for the first time — she picked it up easily!

Wrapping hair so it's rounded around the iron

Using the iron using her heat protectant glove
Haji using the Sedu clipless
Bottom layer almost complete
Halfway there!
After using the Sedu clipless iron - back view
After - front shot
Side pony

The best part about curling your hair like this is you can make so many easy styles — like this side pony tail. Or, you can use bobby pins to pin your hair up in a messy bun similar to Mila Kunis’ Oscar hairstyle.

Side pony
Our version of the Mila Kunis style
View of the back

The Sedu Revolution clipess iron is normally $250 but you can get it on for $119. But here’s even BETTER news: BATF readers get an exclusive discount — use the code SHYEMA20 at checkout and you will get an extra 20% off ANY Sedu appliances for this week ONLY (offer ends 4/1). And remember, you already get free shipping. Needless to say, my sister’s now a believer and loves her new waves!

Looking pretty

What do you think?


All photographs by Sabeen Amanat. Video recording by Sabeen Amanat, editing by Shy.


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  1. Archana wrote:

    please do my hair sometime. i’ll make you food and you do my hair. deal?

    Posted 3.25.11
  2. shyema wrote:

    I will definitely be getting the better end of the deal, but i’m SO.GAME.

    Posted 3.25.11
  3. Nicci Jordan Hubert wrote:

    Love this!!!!!

    Posted 3.27.11
  4. brooke wrote:

    Love love! I will be buying this product!

    Posted 3.27.11
  5. Nada wrote:

    me too me too do mine! my hair NEVER holds a curl.

    Posted 3.28.11
  6. I think i’m a believer enough to buy one and try it out on myself and sabz 🙂 Thankx!

    Posted 3.29.11
  7. priya wrote:

    my hair doesn’t holds curls easily either but shy used a clipless iron on me and gave me a head full of beautiful loose curls that lasted 3 days!

    Posted 3.29.11
  8. erica wrote:

    hahahhaa love this!

    Posted 3.29.11