3 ways to get a jump start to summer

By Nicci Jordan Hubert

So ready to frolick on the beach

Back in February, Royal Caribbean aired one of the best commercials I’d seen in ages. It plays a song about embracing the chill of winter by snuggling up by the fire–“it’s winter again,” the crooner sings–yet images float of people snorkeling in a beautiful ocean, drinking ice-cold margaritas, and standing beside an open window with lightly flowing curtains. The commercial ends with a woman’s voice, “Don’t you just love February?”

Of course, nobody loves (the cold in) February — thus the irony. The commercial had me mesmerized, practically salivating for a cruise. Alas, my friends. Here it is, late March and I’m nowhere near a cruise line. As I write, it’s chilly outside, and raining to boot. Once again, winter has overstayed her welcome.

Is there any reprieve? Consider:


Beautisol Need I Glow More? self-tanner

I recently tried Beautisol‘s skin-type specific Need I Glow More? face tanner and I’m loving it. Although it took me a little while to get used to the process of applying facial self tanner–which includes q-tipping excess product and making sure it’s well blended into the hairline–I’ve found that I somehow feel warmer by wearing it. And I love that their tanners are customizable to skin type (normal-oily or dry). My skin tends to be oily, and I certainly didn’t break out from the tanner. I also applied their All Seasons Glow body tanner, just to my arms and chest, and looked honest-to-God as though I’d been a little sun-kissed. Over the past week, I’ve walked around knowing that although I haven’t been on any cruise, I look as though I’ve at least been outside for at least one gosh-darn second. The thing I like best is that the results are subtle — no one has commented on my new light tan, which I like because I’m not really into advertising my self-tanner use (umm unless it’s for a beauty blog).



Although the weather doesn’t want to cooperate with the date, seasonal fruits are still making their way to our markets. I bought strawberries yesterday that were so plump sweet, I ate the whole thing with whipped cream. It was summer in a snack. You can also find mangos, asparagus, and clementines at in-season prices.


Mexican food

Few foods feel summerier than Mexican. Guacamole…margaritas…fresh salsa… I’ve been craving Mexican lately and it doesn’t take a therapist to link the craving for Mexican to a craving for summer. In the end, I decided I wasn’t going to wait for the weather to catch up. I made fresh guac the other day with the simplest ingredients– huge avocados, cilantro off the stem, gorgeous garlic, and fresh-squeezed lime juice.

What are ways you prep for summer early?


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  1. shyema wrote:

    I hardcore get my anti-frizz products ready…summer time is brutal.

    Posted 3.27.11
  2. Great Tips! I’m trying all of them right now and even though It’s freezing outside, I’m feeling super summery already with my new “tan” enjoying a strawberry margarita in a lovely tropical breeze (ok, so maybe its just my space-heater, but a girl can dream). I’m especially happy with the self tanner that looks super natural, which is hard to find. Thanks for the great ideas, they rock!!! One way I love to get ready for the warm weather is a nice pedicure with a bright coral color. Even under my thick socks and uggs my toes scream… Summer!!!

    Posted 3.27.11
  3. shyema wrote:

    PEDICURE!!! Cannot wait for pedi-friendly weather.

    Posted 3.27.11