Camera Cake from DeLush.Bakery in Chicago

DeLush Bakery camera cake

My brother and sis-in-law went to a birthday party this past weekend, and I could not stop gawking at the pictures they brought back of this camera cake made by Saba Khan of DeLush.Bakery. Sheer creativity.

Back view

Check out the attention to details! I swear if I didn’t know better, I’m pretty sure I’d just try to pick it up and try to clumsily use it instead of eating it (actually, it was probably better I wasn’t there). Saba, who has been decorating cakes for almost six years, made the cake for brother who loves photography. It’s not a cake made just to stare at though (although, I’d be totally game to admire this work of art all day) — the inside was a coconut batter with pineapple filling. DEE-vine.

Saba’s based in Des Plaines and pretty much caters to the Chicagoland area (and possibly beyond if requested). You can check out more of her cakes at her blog, which also includes a cake made into the shape of MAC lipstick…clearly, she speaks my language *sigh.

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  1. qkhan wrote:

    shes awesome i just got a cake done by her for my good friend’s bridal shower and one for my friend’s wedding. each cake was amazing in looks and in taste. she’s also got quite the flavor selection! cannot believe how talented she is!

    Posted 3.30.11
  2. shyema wrote:

    That’s so cool, she really is talented! And you’re right, the flavor selection was so unexpected but sounds delicious!

    Posted 3.30.11
  3. mahvesh wrote:

    amazing! im getting my daughters second bday cake made from her for a sesame street party…the ideas she came up with are just mind blowing!

    Posted 3.30.11
  4. humza wrote:

    ive had a few of her cakes before. the design ideas are one thing, while the freshness and flavor combination are in a league of their own.

    Posted 3.30.11
  5. FK wrote:

    I had the good fortune of sampling this very cake (and many of Saba’s other delicious offerings) and she never ceases to impress. She goes above and beyond all expectations.

    Move over Buddy — there’s a new Cake Boss in town 😉

    Posted 3.30.11
  6. shyema wrote:

    Dang it looks like I’m the last to know

    Posted 3.30.11
  7. fareesa wrote:

    I WANT THAT BIRTHDAY CAKE!! Does she ship to Hong Kong 😉

    Posted 3.31.11