A Green Table Brunch with EcoTools

By Nicci Jordan Hubert

EcoTools Eye Makeover On-the-Go set and Alicia Silverstone for EcoTools Train Case.

Makeup applicators can be a tricky business — not all are not created equal. When they’re too cheaply made, they shed and splotch. When they’re too expensive, well, they’re somehow heavier…as if just shelling out all that moola suddenly prohibits the enjoyment of their use (especially if the expensive brushes turn out to be cheaply made arghhh). So last week, when I had the pleasure of attending EcoTools’ launch their new spring lineup for BATF, I was stoked. I’ve long been a fan of EcoTools brushes because I found them like Goldilocks found her porridge — after testing many a brush, I found EcoTools’ weren’t too expensive, they weren’t too cheap… they were just right.

Spring flowers and mimosas at The Green Table in Chelsea Market

Luckily, the breakfast not only featured a gift bag (perks of the job…) but it was also hosted by The Green Table in Chelsea Market, a lovely nook well-renowned for its sustainable, delicious food. The space was bright and beautiful— just look at those flowers!!—and the ever-flowing glasses of Mimosas on a Thursday morning weren’t too shabby either. Who was I to turn them down?

After gawking at the menu and beautiful plate of pastries already on the tables, we were treated to a presentation of EcoTools’ new ventures, including an EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone line, launching in April. The line features some revamped EcoTools classics like their adorable Train Case, and some newbies like their 6-piece brush set & bag. All the bags are made out of natural hemp material and recycled PET lining.


...and biscuits

But the question remains: was it the presentation that had us sighing in bliss, or was it the ooey gooey spring-vegetable frittatas and mind-blowing cinnamon rolls we were scarfing during the presentation?

The food had a slight edge…until the presentation moved into EcoTools’ upcoming “Choose to Live Beautifully” campaign, which had us just as mesmerized. The campaign is designed around not only creating sustainable tools, but also using recycled products to do so. EcoTools is offering, to anyone who mails in their old beauty tools like brushes or loofahs, a coupon for up to $7.99 worth of product wherever EcoTools are sold (primarily: Target and Walgreens). That coupon actually goes a long way… Go to choosetolivebeautifully.com to find out more.

Which takes us to, in our opinion, the most remarkable reason for EcoTools’ appeal: apart from their high-quality, Earth-friendly products is the price point. Their brushes are surprisingly durable and extremely soft, but shed very little and apply makeup quite smoothly. I asked our hosts how EcoTools managed to sell such quality brushes at such a low price and the woman quipped with a wink, “Magic.”

The accessibility of the brand is admirable. It was clear at every moment of their presentation that although they’re incredibly proud of their brand, they have no need to be elite. They want everyone to have access to the right beauty tools. And to that philosophy, we raise our Mimosas.

Anyone other EcoTools fans out there? Tell us about your favorite brushes!


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  1. Samar wrote:

    I actually own some of these brushes and they def live up to everything you claimed. Soft, affordable and minimal shedding! I also like that they are environmentally friendly! Can’t beat that.

    Posted 4.1.11
  2. erica wrote:

    i love their angled eye liner brush! the bristles are soft so they dont hurt your eye when drag it across your lashline! ;P

    Posted 4.1.11
  3. Poonpo wrote:

    Mouth watering dishes 😀

    Posted 12.6.14