Popbar in Greenwich Village

Ok, I know I’ve had my rant about good and bad gelato earlier but regardless, I have been DYING to visit Popbar downtown. Well, mostly because the big posters of the gelatos-on-a-stick-covered-with-nuts-and-chocolatey-goodness look sooo appealing, but also because I’m always passing by it when I’m in the area to eat (which is often….Noodle Bar, Joe’s Pizza, Kati Roll…mmmm).


The thing is, every time I’m done eating at any of the aforementioned places, I’m stuffed. So, I always think to myself “next time.” That’s not without re-routing my way home just to intentionally pass by and stare at the dessert boutique longingly. That’s kind of what happened this time, but I was with friends. We just finished up a fantastic meal at Noodle Bar, and afterwards, I wanted to give them a mini tour of all the places I love to eat in the area (what? that’s totally normal). At the end, I point to Popbar: “And, I haven’t tried thisss place yet, but it looks amazing so let’s just go inside and look at the ice cream.” Again, totally normal.

Popbar display

Right away, my friends just looked at each other and were like, “Why do you want to stop in if you’re not going to eat anything?” Which is when I get all shifty-eyed: “Oh, you know, it just looks so good, doesn’t it? I swear I REALLY don’t have room for any though…” But I guess they weren’t having it… “So you always pass by but never had it? That’s it. We’re going to buy some NOW!” By the way, I just realized how creepy/stalkery this post makes me sound…passing by an ice cream store just to stare at it from a distance? I know how this might sound, but I do that with food.

Dipping in nuts

We go in and gawk at all the possibilities for a minute. Mind you, we are still SO FULL from dinner, but when the person behind the counter said we can have any ice cream custom-made with chocolates of different varities, and toppings (almonds, pistachios, coconut, crushed hazelnuts I believe) on the spot, you had to hold us back. We decided on one coffee, one hazelnut, and a couple pistachio gelatos sprinkled with nuts and dipped halfway in chocolate. You can even have the chocolate drizzled or cover the ice cream in it completely. It’s just awesome.



I can’t repeat the racy innuendos my friends used to describe its deliciousness while they were eating, but let’s just say in the end, we were really glad we stopped in :).

Restaurant Info:

5 Carmine St.
(at 6th Ave.)
New York, NY 10014
212 255 4874
Greenwich Village



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  1. Hajera A. wrote:

    OMG IM DYING!!! yummmm!

    Posted 4.21.11
  2. Nadjet wrote:

    I like the way you talk about this ice cream! you give it a story, a history. I like the way you make live things you love so that, even if I’m not fan of ice cream, I’d like to taste it! But next time, pleazzzz tell me how is Lemon-pistachios!


    Posted 4.21.11
  3. shyema wrote:

    Aww thank you Nadjet!!! 🙂 I will try lemon-pistachio next time JUST FOR YOU!

    Thanks for reading 🙂

    Posted 4.21.11

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