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FOOD - "The Delicious" - Middle Eastern

Moustache in the West AND East Village

April 28, 2011

The first time I’ve ever heard of Moustache, a Middle Eastern restaurant with three locations dispersed in the city, was when I was sleuthing around for a dinner spot and came across my friend, Archana’s post about it on her food blog. I feel like I’m never disappointed when I follow her good taste(buds).

Moustache in the West Village

Moustache - West Village

I went there the same night with a friend to the West Village location. It was small and buzzy and the aroma coming out of the kitchen (which is barely separated from the dining area, and in fact, overlooks it), was intoxicating. We promptly ordered a Moustache pitza (their Middle Eastern version of pizza!), and the Merguez sandwich, made of spicy lamb sausage, and two big glasses of mint tea.

Moustache pitza

Merguez sandwich

The pitza is unlike traditional pizza with tomato sauce. Instead, the mozzarella cheese is topped over a mix of roasted red bell pepper, tomato, onion, parsley, and chili. It’s unlike any pizza I’ve ever had, and soo good. The Merguez sandwich is cooked to perfection and topped with onion and tomato but the tahini sauce really brings it together.

My friend, Samia, wanted a little more spice and the waiter gave us a small plate of chili paste (harissa). If you like your food spice, you HAVE to ask for this. We topped it on our pitza and sandwich. Later, Samia asked the chef what’s in it and he said it takes a long time to make and started listing the ingredients for us (he mentioned a mix of coriander, cumin, garlic, vinegar, olive oil, and of course, chili). When he saw how much we were enjoying it, he went to the back and put a generous amount of harissa in a plastic container for us to take home!

Our very own take-home harissa

I never did this before but I was so impressed with the food here, I decided I HAD to go to the East Village location — the very next night. I had plans with another friend and kept warning him this place looked tiny. I was totally wrong. If you account for the back ‘garden’ space, this place is considerably bigger than the one in the West Village. The back makes you feel you actually might be somewhere in the dessert. It’s set up like a tent, with streaming lanterns and Arabic painted across the wall.

Moustache East Village

Moustache East Village

Moustache East Village

I was pleasantly surprised that the food was identical and just as good as the other location.

Moustache pitza - East Village

OK fine. Maybe I went ONE more time with two more friends. This time, we also ordered a juicy chicken sandwich:

Chicken Kebab sandwich

The only thing about the East Village location is they need to hire more wait staff. The food at both places do take a long time to come out (I really think it’s because they take their time to make the food so good!), but the service in the East Village each time I was there was extremely slow. I realized it was because both times there was only one poor old man serving both the front and the back of the restaurant. Even to get water took a while, and the second time he completely forgot about the spicy sauce. The first time I went there, he actually came and apologized for the slow service. Hopefully, he’ll get more help, because this place is so worth coming back to for more. Totally support the combo of tasty and relatively inexpensive food (everything on the menu costing between $5-$14!).

Restaurant Info:
Moustache – West Village

90 Bedford St.,
nr. Barrow St.
New York, NY 10014

Moustache – East Village

265 East 10th Street
New York, NY 10009


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BATF Giveaways - Beauty - "The Lovely" - Face - Skin

Winner for the Specific Beauty Giveaway!

April 27, 2011

Hi all, just wanted to announce the winner for the Specific Beauty giveaway! This time, the winner was chosen by Specific Beauty amongst the lot of entries on Facebook and Twitter. The winner issssss….. PJ!

Congratulations! Will email you for your shipping address! Thanks to everyone for entering!


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Dessert - FOOD - "The Delicious" - French

Viva La Crepe! in Union Square

Whenever I’m in the Union Square vicinity craving something sweet, I feel like my choices are either Max Brenner or…Max Brenner. A few days ago after dinner in the area, my friends and I were trying to figure our game plan for dessert and we just as easily gave up and began heading for some chocolate by the bald man. We stopped in our tracks though when we caught a glimpse of Viva La Crêpe!

Viva la Crepe

The original outpost of Viva actually did start in Paris and grew to work its way stateside. They have a full savory and sweet menu, but the savory one might as well have not existed for us at that moment. We were busy trying to decide between dark chocolate, nutella, white chocolate, vanilla or chocolate ice cream, berries or almonds, etc. etc. We settled on a nutella/banana/almond/walnut/vanilla ice cream combo and a heavenly dark chocolate/berries/banana/vanilla ice cream one.

Dark chocolate ice cream crepe

The crepes are served in a little pocket you can hold while you munch. Just a word of advise if you’re getting it with ice cream, ask for it on the side :). It makes devouring it a LOT easier.

Nutella crepe with ice cream on the side

The crepes were nothing short of scrumptious. My friends kept commenting on how much better and fresh the vanilla ice cream was compared to the usual. I loved my crepe but felt like I could have probably done without the nuts (it made it a tad dry). But overall, the crepes were a good mix of soft and crunch, sweet and flavorful. Just a thought in case you’re over the fondue and chocolate pizzas!

Restaurant info:
Viva La Crêpe!

114 University Pl.
betwen 12th & 13th St.
New York, NY 10003
Union Square


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BEAUTIFULLY DELICIOUS LINKS - Beauty - "The Lovely" - Fragrance (perfume/cologne)

GIVEAWAY: Jersey Shore Sammi Sweetheart’s new Dangerous perfume and tank top

With the whole clogged toilet fiasco this season, I’m not the first to say that Jersey Shore technically conjures up an association with good smells. But looks like Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola has set to change that image by coming out her very first perfume, Dangerous. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was sent the perfume to review from Mandee (the first and only brick-and-mortar retailer to carry “Dangerous”) and found out it has a lot of interesting sweet-floral notes: Mandarin, Almond, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Vanilla and Brown Sugar. It ends up having a sort of fresh sandalwood scent to it.

Sammi Sweetheart

You can enter to win a full size bottle here, along with a black racer-back tank top with a “Jersey girls are dangerous” screen print in the front (Hey, go big or go home people).

Dangerous perfume

Do one of the following to enter, both to increase your chances of winning:

1. Leave a comment below (optional: for my entertainment purposes, make it your favorite Jersey Shore scene/one-liner).

2. Tweet: “Win @MTVSammi’s new Dangerous perfume and tank top by retweeting this @BeautyNDFeast”

Winner will be announced and notified on May 4th. Good luck!


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Cuban - FOOD - "The Delicious" - Spanish/Latin American - Travel Feasts

Havana Harry’s in Coral Gables – Miami

April 26, 2011

On my recent trip to Miami, we made a little dinner stop at Havana Harry’s in Coral Gables, an authentic Cuban restaurant that happily keeps a very unpretentious, family-friendly vibe.

Havana Harry's in Coral Gables

Havana Harry's inside

It’s not crazy expensive either, though I now understand all too well my friend Sarah’s obsession with this place…two words: vaca frita.

Vaca Frita

It’s shredded beef with onions and garlic, and fried to perfection. It has so much flavor, I’ve been craving it ever since I came back (sidenote: someone PLEASE tell me where I can find awesome vaca frita in NY before I slowly wither away and die from these cravings). Anyway. They had equally delicious Churrasco steak, which is served with chimichurri sauce.

Churrasco steak

I guess you could expect the meat at a Cuban restaurant to be this good. The place itself is not one for presentation as much. Consider our fried plantains appetizer and sides of boiled yuca:

Fried plantains

Yuca, black beans, and white rice

Don’t even bother with the seafood here either — my friends who ordered the fish and shrimp said it was pretty much subpar:

Shrimp creole

Snapper creole

We turned it into an early celebration for our friend Shahla, and the staff was great about being discreet and bringing out some YUMMY tres leches cake right at the end.

Birthday tres leches

So remember, meat and dessert. You will be a happy person for it. Oh yeah, and tell me where I can find awesome vaca frita in NY. Before I go crazy. Thanks.

Restaurant info:
Havana Harry’s

4612 South Le Jeune Road
Coral Gables, FL 33146-1815


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BATF Giveaways - Beauty - "The Lovely" - Face - Skin

Specific Beauty Giveaway — product added!

Hi all, hope you’ve been entering the Specific Beauty giveaway! They agreed to also add one more product to the giveaway: their Daily Gentle Cleanser. So NOW the winner will be receiving the entire line, including their Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths, Daily Hydrating Lotion SPF 30, Night Treatment Complex, and Skin Brightening Serum.


1) Tweet the following “Get a @SpecificBeauty Skin Care Regimen to pamper your spring skin! RT + Follow @SpecificBeauty & @BeautyNDFeast #SpecificBeauty”

2) “Like” Specific Beauty on Facebook and leave a comment saying “Beauty and the Feast” sent you on their wall!


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