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Refinery29 and Guerlain event at Bergdorf

June 15, 2011

Refinery29 teamed up with Guerlain to celebrate their new Rouge Automatique Lipstick collection at Bergdorf Goodman’s 5F a few weeks ago, and I was invited to check it out. The makeup artists were experts at applying a bronzed but classic look, using their Terracotta Moisturizing Bronzing Powder and a personalized lipstick color. After seeing their makeup artist, Aleena, work magic on her clients, I jumped in line to get mine done by her.

Guerlain makeup artist, Aleena

Guerlain makeup

Of course I signed up

Guerlain makeup

Guerlain makeover

My after makeover

I know you probably can’t tell from these pics because they’re taken from a distance, but Aleena did created this subtle cat eye-effect that no one had ever done on me before quite the same way using their Khol Kajal in Black Friday. I loved it so much in fact, I went back a few days later to buy it.

Guerlain Khol Kajal

For $36, it was kind of a steep price to pay. But if it made it easier to re-create the same lining technique, I thought it was worth it. So. I tried:

Attempting to replicate the same cat eyes

I can’t say I quite got it — I realized I have a bit of a heavier hand than Aleena. But, I’m going to keep at it. I also feel like the cone-shaped liner makes it easier to get to the inner lid on the bottom and top, and it’s very pigmented to help get an intense look. It’s a khol kajal, so don’t expect it to stay put all night. But the smudge may work in your favorite if you’re looking for that smoky effect.

Guerlain kajal testing

Start lining your top lid midway

It’s soft texture helps it glides on so smoothly, and the color is definitely buildable for a more dramatic look. I have yet to find another liner that makes applying to your inner-top lid and waterline this easy. Now, they just need to make it in navy blue and I will totally find a way to justify dropping another $36.


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2 thoughts on “Refinery29 and Guerlain event at Bergdorf

  1. Nicci Jordan Hubert

    Gorgeous!!! I LOVE Guerlain. Their bronzing powder is crazy expensive, but CRAZY good, too.

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