Review: Laura Geller’s new Lightness of Beauty kit at QVC

By Nicci Jordan Hubert

Laura Geller The Lightness of Beauty Kit

Ever since I met Laura Geller at her flagship store on the UES and since I began using her makeup, I have become a full-fledged Laura Geller Worshipper. Her Spackle Skin Primer is so good that I have actually added a bottle to my Emergency Kit along with water, matches, and blankets. So when Laura’s team sent me her newest set of products, the Lightness of Beauty kit to review, you can imagine it felt a bit like Christmas morning at my house.

Laura Geller The Lightness of Beauty Kit

Balance-and-Brighten Color Corrector with SPF 15

Here’s the breakdown: The kit includes the new Balance-n-Brighten SPF 15 Baked Color-Correcting foundation, which is a mouthful to say. So far, I’m on the fence about this product. It boasts amazing skin-health benefits from the Centella Asiatica and white tea extract antioxidants, which I love. And as promised, the foundation applies so smoothly… but that’s actually part of my beef with it. I cannot tell it’s actually going on. And although I see teeny-tiny differences in my skin when I apply the foundation, it doesn’t seem to provide enough coverage to be labeled a foundation — at least not a full coverage one. I did notice some evening of my skin tone, but nothing akin to a true foundation. Laura Gellar fans: what do you think of the product? Have I not given it enough of a shot?

Eye Elements Baked Eyeshadows & Highlighter Quad

Next is the Eye Elements Baked Eyeshadows & Highlighter Quad in Amethyst Skies, and It. Is. Beautiful. The peach-tinted highlighter is so lovely and the purple colors are vibrant just like you’d expect from a LG pigment. I do indeed recommend using a slightly wet brush when applying the color if you’re looking for vibrant and full tones, otherwise, apply it dry for softer tones.

Air Whipped Blush in Whisper Mulberry

The kit includes a new LG Air Whipped product. This time, it’s a blush, in Whisper Mulberry. In theory, the Air Whipped skin products are great ideas — smooth application, cream consistency, moisturizing properties. But there’s something about my skin that doesn’t work well with the products. Both the blush and the bronzer clump on my face. How do they work with your skin? I’m assuming the problem is an anomaly with mine.

Finally, the kit includes the I-Care waterproof eyeliner, which applies beautifully and does last, and a new Air Whipped Lip Wear in Praline Mousse. I’m a huge fan of the Air Whipped lip colors, and this hue is so beautiful. A perfect amount of pearlescense and a gorgeous neutral color. These lipsticks (if you could call them that) feel smooth as butter and are so flattering.

What are you all-time favorite Laura Gellar products? And does anyone have any advice for me re: the Air Whipped skin products?

The Lightness of Beauty Kit from Laura Geller is available for purchase at for $60.


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  1. shyema wrote:

    The color-corrector foundation looks like just a color-corrector that you apply UNDER your foundation (like it would reduce redness)…Is it supposed to be a foundation itself, or to supplement one?

    Posted 7.13.11
  2. Nicci wrote:

    Shy– I think it can be either or, according to the product description. LG recommends either using it alone or with a foundation. I’m going to try it with a foundation and see how it works!

    Posted 7.14.11
  3. STELLA MARTIN wrote:


    Posted 10.6.12
  4. shyema wrote:
    Posted 10.6.12