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MAC Pro’s Hit the Pavement Block Party in NYC (Living statues and food trucks!)

July 21, 2011

Me next to a living work of art in MAC Pro makeup

MAC Pro brilliantly showcased what their makeup is capable of by hosting a block party under NYC’s Highline last week with their “Hit the Pavement” event. Blink and you might accidentally bump into one of the many body-painted living statues:

Living statues at the MAC Pro event under NYC's Highline

I was kinda in awe at how the makeup didn’t even seem to melt away with the sun.

Green Greek statues

I was digging his wind-blown hair


Crowd at Hit the Pavement

More street performers. Photo Credit: Philip Robertson

Photo credit: Philip Robertson

(Last two photos by PHILIP ROBERTSON. See more on his website HERE)

I think the cutest thing I saw was this little girl painting away on a graffiti wall with her own MAC lipstick…I think we could have been friends:

Tiny lipstick artist

Cutest moment #2: when the same little girl saw this MAC-clad street performer approaching her…she freaked out for a second but then continued her masterpiece.

Nice to meet you


I felt like I was wandering in an outdoor makeup-museum, it was the coolest thing. But to top it off, we were surrounded by food trucks…more reason why MAC and I speak the same language. There were so many trucks I was trying for the first time, including Wafels & Dinges. My friend Archana and I headed straight for dessert first.

I hear the Spekuloos sauce (a type of gingerbread sauce) is their specialty, but we went with a nutella/banana combo. It was still crazy good:

Wafels & Dinges

MAC Pro x Wafels & Dinges

Our nutella-banana waffle

We then skipped over to the Rickshaw Truck for edamame dumplings, and right after to Van Leeuwen for Earl Gray and Strawberry ice cream.

The Rickshaw Truck

Edamame Dumplings -- these were OK, but was craving some meat and they ran out of their chicken 🙁

Van Leeuwen Earl Gray ice cream

Not sure if it’s a food blogger thing, but our whole dessert->appetizer->dessert meal made perfect sense to us. After we ate to our hearts’ content, we walked a few blocks over to the West Side highway to catch the sunset…little reminders on how NY really has its moments.



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