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Victoria’s Secret limited-edition Hypnotic Beauty Kajal

August 27, 2011

OK, I totally get that there’s a hurricane coming outside. But truth be told, the first thing I really wanted to do this morning was test out the new Victoria’s Secret Kajal Eye Liner I just bought yesterday. Is it sad that these are my priorities? :-/

Victoria's Secret Hypnotic Beauty Kajal Eyeliner

I came across this kajal eyeliner from their limited-edition Hypnotic Beauty Collection first when scouring their website recently. If you remember, the last kajal eye liner I tested (and loved) was Guerlain’s Kohl Kajal which costs about $36. But if you don’t have that kind of dough to shell out, get this: VS’s costs less than half that $15!

Victoria's Secret Hypnotic Beauty Kajal Eyeliner

I’m a sucker for packaging, and the royal blues box design and gold case that it comes looks like it’s ready to take a trip down the runway itself.

Kajal Eyeliner stick

Keep in mind, the kajal stick is comparatively a bit shorter than Guerlain’s so could be that it won’t last as long. But the real test for me was how it applies. I tried it for the first time this morning and it has an extra pointy tip to make it easy to apply on your lids and waterline for an intense effect that can easily be smoked out.

Wearing VS new kajal eyeliner

I’d run to VS to get this one — especially considering it’s from their limited-edition collection.


Victoria’s Secret Hypnotic Beauty Collection Limited-Edition Kajal Eye-Liner can be purchased at stores or online at

Will you be buying one for yourself? And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making it your “I-survived-Hurricane-Irene” gift to yourself ;).


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9 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret limited-edition Hypnotic Beauty Kajal

  1. sidrah

    omg LOVE the packaging and love how intense the color is. it kinda looks like it smears easily though. did it stay in place for a long time?

  2. shyema Post author

    Sidrah, that was literally the first time I tried it so I’m going to get back to you about staying power…a perfect time to test while I have nothing to do during this hurricane but stay indoors haha. I’m assuming because it’s kajal it’s meant to smudge a little though…

  3. shyema Post author

    Verdict: yes it does smear a tad, but I’m OK with that…it’s meant to have a smoky effect anyway and they don’t claim it’s a stay put liner.

  4. sidrah

    heyyy thanks so much for the verdict/ after pic. i think i’m gonna get it. i just didn’t want to end up with the raccoon look. and you’re seriously the luckiest person for not having dark circles, mashaAllah.

  5. shyema Post author

    No prob! It can get a LITTLE racoon-ey, but it’s just one of those things you have to kind of keep on you to touch up if anything.

    And remember, I have a whole lot of other issues minus the circles!! 🙂

    Oh man, it’s pouring now….

  6. shyema Post author

    Ok truth: gorgeous going on, but smearing by the end of the night. If you can deal, great. But if you need something that will stay put try Make Up For Ever’s Aqua liner pencils!

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