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Beauty on the Streets: Jamie Kern Lima of IT Cosmetics

September 6, 2011

Jamie Kern Lima, CEO of IT Cosmetics

Name: Jamie Kern Lima

Occupation: Co-Founder and CEO IT Cosmetics

Location: Studio City, CA and Jersey City, NJ


“After getting my MBA from Columbia I anchored TV news for years where I arrived to work at 1:30 AM and had to learn so many makeup tips and tricks to look awake for the 4:30 AM news! I always struggled to find products that didn’t make me look cakey and older. After years of covering crime and lots of depressing news, I realized my passion for makeup was what I need to be doing! I teamed up with plastic surgeons to develop truly innovative anti-aging color cosmetics, and IT Cosmetics was born!”

My style is: Gut Feeling. If you feel in your gut something looks good and is ‘you’ go with it!

The best part about starting my own makeup line has been: Finally solving my own beauty problems (I have lots of them) but developing a concealer that covers my intense rosacea, that was a big one!

The most unique thing about my company is: We won’t launch a product just because we don’t have it in our line yet. It has to be truly innovative and I have to believe it is better than what is out there. For example we don’t have a foundation yet, even though our concealer is our top seller. We have been working on foundation for three years and I refuse to launch it until it’s phenomenal!

I always tell people who’ve never tried my products before to go for the: Brow Power Brow Pencil or Bye Bye Under Eye concealer. They are iconic for our line and have really become cult favorites. But this week, our new Hello Lashes Mascara and Vitality Lip Flush Stains are crazy-good…can I have 4 items on this desert island?

People usually compliment my: Eyes. I believe you can tell kindness through eyes. I know life is short and I am in a super-competitive business where many lose their kindness and become cutthroat. I will never do that, it’s not worth it. Life is too short and too precious. I am more proud of being a person that sees others through kind eyes then I am for anything else I’ve accomplished.

I’ll never forget the time: We launched IT Cosmetics on QVC. I knew our product was amazing and I knew when women get it home it will change their lives – but before any of that happens you have to sell. I was shaking like a leaf and the producer kept telling me in my ear “calm down…..calllllmmmmmmm down.” I found out later he was communicating with the production staff to get ready for me to faint live on air. I was praying like crazy and was just so nervous! We sold out in 10 minutes and the second I got off air I started crying, my team was crying, our makeup artists and even a few of our models were crying. It was a really special moment, because I knew how fortunate I was.

For my skin, I love to use: Retinol and physical sunscreen.

My favorite makeup tip: Contour! Not 80s stripes, but soft contouring of all your features! It can erase 10 pounds instantly and bring out the features you love while hiding the ones you don’t. Once you learn how it is so simple, it will be the 20 seconds extra to your routine that make a world of difference!

Current beauty product obsession: So many! Perfect Nail Pink Gel Coat polish, Philosophy Purity Made Simple, Clarisonic, WEN

But I also can’t live without: OPI Bubble Bath nail polish – it’s the perfect color!

Worst habit: Working so late I fall asleep on my laptop!

My favorite scent right now is: I love French Perfumes like Musc Et Freesia by E. Coudray. I also love almost every Philosophy fragrance and Kim Kardashian’s perfume.

People might be surprised to know: At night if I am really stressed out I watch reality shows while working. My husband thinks I am crazy but I love them! The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad, Dancing with the Stars, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Real Housewives…anything I can get. Many of the stars of the shows wear IT Cosmetics so I can justify watching it right?! :)

My favorite hair product is: Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo and WEN Cleansing Conditioner

I don’t understand people who don’t like: Chocolate! (But I wish I were one of them, I would be a lot thinner!)

The restaurant I can never get tired of is: Plataforma Churrascaria! It’s a traditional Brazilian Steakhouse (all you can eat) in New York City! The most amazing restaurant ever, but definitely show up with a big appetite when you go there!

Though I can make a mean: Bowl of cookie dough!

Who inspires me: Joel Osteen. I think no matter what faith you believe or don’t believe in, his sermons are universal and inspiring.

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2 thoughts on “Beauty on the Streets: Jamie Kern Lima of IT Cosmetics

  1. Rhonda Fisher

    I love love it cosmetics and brushs. Im 55 and love the antiaging products. Im going to throw away all of my other products. Jamie is a beautiful lady.

  2. Rugina Tyree

    I am interested in being a face model for IT Cosmesics. I’m so glad that Ms Jamie has brought forth this amazing product. I’ve had problem with finding a foundation of the right shade and with the right coverage. Well, my prayers were answered, this product is wonderful…….it makes me look flawless. I get so many compliments. Thank you, Bye Bye Foundation! Rugina From IL.

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