Zumba and Ritual Cleanse at Giuliana Rancic’s FabFitFun LA event

By Sadia Khawaja

Zumba in the park!

You’re nobody in Hollywood ’till you’ve successfully mastered the art of multi-tasking. And you’re nobody in any ‘wood ’till you’ve successfully mastered the art of being Fabulous, Fit and Fun. So when E! News Correspondent Giuliana Rancic (master of all of the above), launched her new initiative, FabFitFun, it’s only fitting that I was pumped up in my kicks and inspired to feel fabulous, fit and fun at the aptly titled FFF Spotlight Event at the beautiful Oceana Hotel in Santa Monica, CA last Thursday evening.

Oceana Hotel

Giuliana Rancic fliers

Full of all the ingredients for a healthy and fabulous evening with great sponsors, primo company, and an amazing swag bag, this event had me moving and shaking all night. What I thought would be a ‘light’ 15 minute Zumba session, ended up being an intensely amazing full-on Zumba course right on the beach as the sun set.

Getting our Zumba on

The only thing that was ‘light’ was the breeze. Led by the beautifully fit and energetic, Eliza Storm, the course made me feel like my second calling should be a booty-bouncer/salsa dancer. OK, maybe that’s being a bit ambitious, but she did make this aerobic dance form seem so organic and effortless.

Me with Zumba Coach, Eliza Storm

After the course we lounged at the hotel with a delicious spread of hors d’oeuvres, and skinny cocktails provided by Ritual Cleanse.

Ritual Cleanse founders, Marra O. St.Clair and Lori Kenyon

Lori and Marra passing out their delicious RC drinks

Ritual Cleanse's watermelon drink

I don’t drink, but I tried the sparkling lemonade with a kick cayenne pepper, and the very refreshing watermelon juice. Both were apart of their cleanse system, and both were equally great tasting. Equally refreshing were owners/founders Lori Kenyon and Marra O. St. Claire, who spoke passionately about their product and good health.

Zumba Wii demo

Since my 45 minute ‘Beach Booty Bounce’ workout apparently wasn’t enough, I moved on to demo the new Zumba 2 on the Wii (Release date – November 8th) and fell in love. The wii-mote comfortably fits snug in the waist band, so you can move freely (Awesome). And with new music categories, and great choreography, Zumba 2 feels like you’re just playing a game, not working out (Awesome, again).

I left feeling like I successfully conquered the art of multi-tasking on all 3 aforementioned F-word fronts. I even pre-ordered my Zumba 2 game on the Wii, and started attending the previously overlooked Zumba classes at my gym. Thanks to everyone for a great time, and for allowing me to feel so many F-words at once.


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  1. Thank you for coming! Love the write up!! xoxo

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