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I’m calling it now, is going to be a game-changer in the way we shop for our beauty products. It’s the recently-launched social beauty store. What does that mean? Well, you know how we girls like to talk our products to death (“You will LOVE this new gloss I discovered,” “WHAT can I do about my dark circles?” “I spent an hour at the drugstore and I came out with THIS shampoo”… it sounds something like that, right?). Now, you can do that with your friends AND people who have similar beauty concerns as you. Sort of like your makeup-Facebook…genius!

All from

I went to a event recently to learn more about it. It’s as easy as signing in with your Facebook account and you can get right started. After filling in my profile, I headed straight to the Best4You section, where products are organized based on types and most popular ratings. I had a $100 gift card to play with, and decided to go with some of my all-time favorites (theBalm TimeBalm concealer, a BeautyBlender sponge), and some new products I was just introduced to after trying samples at the event (Barbor Deluxe Foundation in Almond Beige, Japonesque Pink Heated Mini Lash Curler, and Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Guava).

My purchases AND sample gifts that came with it

The cool part about for me is a few things — (1) they not only offer high-end products, but you can get your favorite drugstore buys here too (HELLO CoverGirl and Olay);
(2) everyone has their “beauty cabinet” which are items they love that work for them…you can peruse others to get ideas of what might work for you; and (3) the really fun part, you get a hella lot of free samples with your purchase. You get 10% back on every purchase in the form of “BloomDollars” which can be used toward future purchases on the site, as well as Silver, Gold and Platinum BloomBoxes. You also get a choice small, mid-sized, and FULL SIZE product samples with your purchase as well (depending on how much you spend). You pick from a round up that they offer you when you’re checking out. So I basically got 15 items total — way more than I expected.

That included this beautiful eye shadow palette from glominerals, worth $92 for free:

glominerals Alloy eyeshadow palette

Here’s a peek at some of the others:

More samples

Sign up today and you can even peek into MY beauty cabinet:


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