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Olay Professional Pro-X Clear giveaway!

September 30, 2011

Weren’t we supposed to leave acne back in highschool with our three-sizes-too-big JNCO jeans (what? Oh…that was just me?). You may be in your 20s, 30s, or beyond and for many of us, breaking out or the occasional zit still manages to pop up. The worst part is, a lot of products are not formulated to treat our type of skin — that is, one that is also deal with anti-aging. That’s why I was BEYOND excited to learn about the new Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol line recently.

Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol line

Olay didn’t just tell us about the adult acne line any old way either — a handful of beauty writers were invited to Exhale Spa on the UES to take part in a Hot Ki Power Vinyasa class with instructor (and creator) Isauro Fernandez. Ki Power Vinyasa is a combination of vinyasa and martial arts. All I know is it was no walk in the park.

My Olay yoga mat πŸ™‚

I'm focused man!

Hot Ki Power yoga at Exhale Spa

After an intense hour-long workout (extra intense for me — I was fasting that day and couldn’t drink any water either!) on our Olay-branded yoga mats, NYC dermatologist Dr. Diane Berson talked to us about the connection between working out and taking care of your skin.

“After a workout, [Olay Professional Pro-X Clear] is the perfect fit,” she said. “A lot of the traditional acne products that used to be available over-the-counter were targeted to adolescent skin…[which] tends to be very oily and very clogged. It’s important while you’re using products that decrease acne, to also use products that contain barrier repair products.”

Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol, $40

She assured us that it’s a “myth” that you grow out of acne.

“Adult women can deal with acne breakouts at the same time they’re dealing with anti-aging concerns.” That’s why she’s a fan of the new line from Olay, a three-step system which contains salicylic acid and niacinamide to treat breakouts and redness. Results, she says, can be seen in as little as four weeks.

Sounds like something you can use? Well then, you’re going to LOVE today’s giveaway!! I’m partnering up with Olay this week to give one lucky BATF reader:

– The ENTIRE Pro-X Clear line
– 2 yoga mats
– 2 water bottles
– 2 Lululemon yoga bags.

Seriously, how amazing? All you have to do to enter is one of the following, however doing both increases your chances at winning:
1) Leave a comment below
2) Tweet “Win the entire Olay Pro-X Clear line, yoga mats, & more @BeautyNDFeast #OlayBATFgiveaway”

You have to have a US shipping address to be eligible. Winner will be announced on Friday, 10/7. Good luck!


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31 thoughts on “Olay Professional Pro-X Clear giveaway!

  1. Sima

    I would love to try the Olay line, it sounds great for women like myself who are no longer adolescent teens, but I still break out every now and then!

  2. Jennifer B

    Yeah, and I thought I needed the Karen Millen bag, but this…this I would catfight over (probably). My skin is so, so, so prone to breakouts and it’s oily and I always have something going on. I heard that you are supposed to start anti-aging products at the age of 25, but I’m still so focused on reducing this acne and reducing pores and getting rid of scars that I haven’t even thought about it. This would be the perfect line to try!

  3. Afia

    I so want to try the olay products cuz whatever I try, nothing seems to work on me.. Have just started yoga and would luv the lulu lemon stuff πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Plz pick me!!

  4. Neeli H.

    I generally like Olay products and really hope the new line works for adult acne. I would love to try out the new line for myself πŸ™‚

  5. Megan

    this is great! i’m still using stuff from my “teenage” years and i can tell it’s not a good fit. thanks for the heads up on this new product πŸ™‚

  6. Joanna Smith

    I am passionate about doing my daily Yoga routine and I am a fanatic about keeping my skin healthy so this is such a perfect giveaway for me to say I really want to win. Thanks so much for the chance to enter. I also am following you on twitter and I tweeted, I am @joannaonthelake

  7. Diane Redcay

    What a perfect giveway Yoga to keep your body healthly & pro x clear to keep your skin its best I would love the chance to have these great products

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