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Happy Halloween! And how cute is this baby lobster??

October 31, 2011

Is it possible to pinch her cheeks before she else?

And click here for more cute-slash-borderline-mean things parents do their kids for amusement on Halloween…

What are you dressing up as??

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FOOD - "The Delicious"

Add some bling to your food

October 28, 2011

Not available in the US yet, but check out Food Finish:

Photo: Esslack

Photo: Esslack

Photo: Esslack

Photo: Esslack

Stumbled upon by my friend Nabila via Trendland. For 25 euros, this bling aint cheap either. Check out for more info!


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Beauty - "The Lovely" - Lips - Product Review

My intro (& maybe yours) to the beautiful makeup from Mirabella

By Nicci Jordan Hubert

Mirabella signature brushes

I had the distinct privilege of attending a launch event for Mirabella in Flatiron’s Antonio Pietro Salon. A privilege, because I was clearly surrounded by people who so unabashedly love their brand. Not that most industry people seem unenthusiastic about their products, of course, but there was something special about this particular group of people that had me glowing. If I may psychoanalyze for a moment, I’d say that that particular joie de vivre may have been inspired by hope. This event, while ostensibly a launch for Mirabella’s (gorgeous) new Madame Rouge line and to preview their new (achingly beautiful) signature brush collection, it was really about letting the world know about Mirabella. The Mirabella people buzzed about getting the word out, and they hoped we would receive it well.

Mirabella cosmetics

Mirabella event

For ten years, Mirabella has been a leading salon makeup brand and had a vibrant online sales community, but they had never relied on media to get the word out about their products. Honestly, I simply can’t figure out why they would have kept mum in such a way, but I guess sometimes the best things are kept a secret. Thankfully, though, Mirabella is no longer a secret to me, and it’s no longer a secret to you.

Mirabella blush palette

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FOOD - "The Delicious"

Chef Curtis Stone dishes on food and the Locals Knows Best campaign

I had the pleasure of meeting chef Curtis Stone (whom I had interviewed about healthy eating habits back in July as well) to ask about his Locals Know Best – Dish on the Dish campaign, where he’s been traveling and asking locals about their favorite dishes and local food experts in the area. I met Curtis (who is every bit as charming in person as you’d imagine) at Hotel Indigo in Chelsea to talk more about his initiatives in learning about the best of the best in local food culture.

Me and a towering Chef Curtis Stone

Beauty and the Feast:
Let’s me start by asking what your relationship is with Hotel Indigo with this campaign?
Chef Curtis Stone: As you know, we’re doing a thing called Locals Knows Best, which is all about driving people into hotels with local knowledge, so when guests come they get to experience where they should go shopping, where they should eat their food. The event is called Dish on the Dish, where the hotel bring in their favorite dishes around NY, and we share it with the guests.

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BATF Giveaways - Beauty - "The Lovely"

Thinning hair? Here’s the celeb and hairstylists’ treatment of choice

October 27, 2011

Let me start off by saying that I have yet to meet a guy who doesn’t think he’s thinning. Now, if he really is or not, that’s a whole other issue!! Not that this post is directly just to the males, but since we’re on the topic, there’s something that I have been coming across more and more as I hop around different mags and talk to a number of stylists, and that’s Viviscal. Viviscal (which retails for $50 for a one-month supply) is a natural hair treatment that has taken Europe pretty much by storm, and has been celebs’ and models’ best kept secret until recently (you bastards were holding out on us, weren’t you?). Lately, it’s been getting an insane amount of press for its wondrous results. Among its advocates are Reese Witherspoon, mega stylists like Orlando Pita, Garren, Guido Paulo, and Danilo…even Vogue dubbed it “the miracle hair pill.”

Viviscal tablets

But what’s in it that makes it so special? It’s main hair-growing factor is its proprietary AminoMar C Marine Complex that provides nourishment to thinning hair, and horsetail extract is a proven hair strengthener. Take it once in the morning and once at night, and it has clinically shown to work in four stages over a period of 4-6 months.

Viviscal hair supplements

Celeb stylist Mark Townsend recently said, “Two of my clients shaved their heads for movies and then one of them took it—her hair grew back so much faster and even came in thicker. It’s not an overnight fix, but all of a sudden, three months later, your hair has grown two inches instead of one.”

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