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The lazy girl’s guide to faking pretty hair

November 23, 2011

My hair is “swavy” — it’s not quite straight and it’s not totally wavy. And when I wake up, my hair is typically all sorts of confused…like so:

Yup. That's my morning hair.

Another thing is, I feel like I’m constantly on the go, go, go. I wake up extra early to write, run to work, to events, to dinner…you get the idea. And while I am still obsessed with beachy waves, I often don’t have the time to set my hair like that. Instead, it’s just easier to make my hair sleek and straight. Recently, a friend of mine and celebrity hairstylist Kristan Serafino endorsed the Kiss by SalonTech Silicone Protexion 1″ Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron. She works with some of the best, so if she’s allowing a company to put her seal of approval on their product (no literally, her face is on the box), I know it’s something worth trying. The other issue I have with mega-expensive irons is that they break or burn out so fast. Trust me, I’ve spent the $200-something on flat irons that worked fantastic…while they still worked. This one? $50.

The Kiss by SalonTech 1 inch flat iron with its red silicone bars

Back to my morning nest mess of hair, it’s precisely times like these when I need a flat iron fix. This specific flat iron has silicone bars which minimize heat damage. The ceramic plates allow for even heat distribution so you don’t have to go over the areas as many times. I will say that compared to the more expensive ones, this one doesn’t glide as easily through my hair…but that’s kind of the point. The red silicone bars on the plates make sure the clamp isn’t totally frying out your hair, but the silicone coating also helps seal the cuticles for lots o’ shine. This is what I got, less than ten minutes later:

After using the Kiss flat iron. PS whoever told you taking pics of yourself was easy lied.

I don’t like my hair to fall totally flat though, so I like to add pretty elements to it to make it look more interesting. I found these amazing braidie hair headbands at Sephora for $8 (I swear I paid $8 but it’s $10 online…though this might be the slightly thicker version of the one I have). They’re synthetic but looks like you took the time to set your hair in a sleek thin braid (but actually, this is the lazy girl’s dream). They come in all different hair colors too!

Sephora hair headband, $8

A subtle hair headband.

I put my hair in a messy ponytail and placed the headband on top yesterday though. It was rainy out and I didn’t want it to look too “neat” because I was pretty sure the weather would destroy any chance of that.

Hair up with headband

And that, my friends is how I fake pretty hair (in less than ten minutes!). What are your quick hair solutions?

Kiss by SalonTech Silicone Protexion 1″ Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron ($50) is available at; and you can check out the Thick Braidie headbands ($10) at


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5 thoughts on “The lazy girl’s guide to faking pretty hair

  1. Samira

    I concur with ^! Morning head? Gorg! mA :)…but then again when aren’t you!
    i LOVE the braid headband! On my “to get’ list! xoxo

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