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3 products my sister and I steal from each other regularly

December 25, 2011

(More “my sister steals from me” but ANYWAY).

My younger little bubble of love, Haji, is back in town over winter break. I don’t see her as often as she because she goes to school out in Illinois, but whenever she does come home we’ll pick up where we left off—nosing around in each other’s makeup bag. Typically, this is also where I discover the products she has long stolen from me (that lil sneak). Exhibit A:


NARS The Multiple in Copacabana

This seems to be an Azam fave. I think Haji’s probably klepto’d (*made up word) it from me twice already. Which doesn’t make any sense, because it lasts forever so now I’m just thinking she does it for the thrill of getting away with it :). But as I’ve written before in an earlier review, this stick is one of my favorite highlighters. It great to brighten around the eyes or create a pretty sheen on your cheekbones.


Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush

After my first magazine internship in NYC, I got this beautiful parting gift from one of the editors that had all these gorgeous products from Armani. This blush was part of it, and my sister and I found it to give just the right amount of color for our skin tone. It’s not ruddy or overly pink, but just the right amount of a light rose flush for your cheeks.


L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara

OK, Haji can pretty much state claim to this one. She has the most crazy long lashes in the world, so she could technically get away with using any mascara, but L’Oreal has been her long-time favorite. Voluminous is one of their classics and is a perfect pairing for smoky eyes. It adds thickness to lashes like woah. I think some people might take issue with the fact that it tends to clump just a bit…but I think that’s also what we like about it for just a slight bit of emphasis and drama.

Do you have products you and your sisters are constantly stealing from each other? DO share.


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