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FOOD - "The Delicious" - Thai

Rice in Nolita

January 30, 2012

Ah. You win some, you lose some. I’m pretty convinced this foodie friend of mine always knows the best tiny joints in the city so I was excited to come upon Rice when he led a few of us there a couple days ago. The place itself was so cute, but I think it was a sum of a lot of things that made it not the best experience this time around.


Here’s the cliff notes version. 1) It was raining and cold that night and we walked a good 15 minutes out of our way to get here; 2) We were all starving and waited another 15 minutes to get seated…pretty standard but that feels way longer when you’re famished; 3) To add insult to injury, they took ONE HOUR to get our food out. The people next to us who came after us go their food before we did; 4) When the food did come out, the portions were pretty small. And you’d think being so hungry, anything would do, but my coconut thai curry dish was three-fourths rice and one-fourth curry. I guess to their credit, it’s not false advertising. But I was still starving after my meal!


Spinach rice balls

Chicken satay

Lentils and black rice

Granted, I also got the smaller dish (it comes in a small and large), but after waiting so long, I was afraid ordering anything else would take another five years.

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Beauty - "The Lovely" - Fragrance (perfume/cologne)

Agent Provocateur launches day fragrances

January 27, 2012

Leave it to Agent Provocateur to make one sexy night out of their Eau Provocateur fragrances launch party! Held at their boutique on Madison Avenue, models demo’d the new fragrances for us while, of course, sporting its namesake from head-to-toe.

An Agent Provocateur-clad model

Eau Provocateaur fragrance

L'Agent, Eau Provocateur, and Maitresse perfumes

Til now, the titillating brand (also known for some pretty racy videos…see their “Love Me Tender” Valentine’s video featuring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for reference) had their two L’Agent and original Eau Provocateur perfumes. Both were meant to be ‘nighttime’ fragrances, and therefore, pretty dense and strong in their scents. These three new perfumes however are their new DAY fragrances — a little lighter with modern twists:

Fragrance dressings

L’Agent Eau Provocateur
: Contains top notes of bergamot, leaf accord, madarin, apple, melon, and peach. Mid notes: rose, jasmin, tuberose, magnolia, freesia, and ylang. Base notes: musk, patchouli, sandalwood, and amber crystals. I thought this one was a little more strong because of the musk!
Eau Provocateur: A daytime version of their original Eau De Parum, this one contains citrus and red fruit accords like muguet and orange flower. base notes of myrrh, vanilla, and tonka bean.
Maitresse: Top notes of rose, jasmin sambac, and iris. Mid notes of granny smith appes, and base notes of amber, sandalwood, and tonka. It’s a lighter, floral scent compared to the other two!

Eau Provocateur Models at the fragrance launch party

Didn't mind helping myself to the themed macaroons!


Maitresse is my personal favorite, but I’m into more floral perfumes so it totally makes sense. Check them out and let me know which one’s yours! But don’t run out the door yet — the trio will be available on April 15th for $70 each.

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Beauty - "The Lovely" - Eyes

An alternative to the normal eyelash curler

January 26, 2012

Not to sound annoying, but I’ve been getting a lot more compliments on my lashes lately. If you’ve been following my blog, by now you know I’m a little mascara obsessed and switch them up pretty often. A little known fact: I’m such a lash fiend, I’ll often use TWO different mascaras at once. It’s a problem. An addiction, if you will.

But this time, I don’t think it’s my mascara. I’m starting to think the common denominator is a new eyelash curler I’ve been using. Way back when, I wrote a whole post on my fear of eyelash curlers, so some of you may be wondering what’s up with my change of heart. But here’s the thing — the one I use isn’t your normal clamp-it-down-on-your-lashes-and-hope-they’re-still-there kind. It’s more of an eyelash wand/comb…and get this: it’s HEATED.

Japonesque mini eyelash curler

I found Japonesque’s Pink Heated Mini Lash Curler ($16) on when I had one of those shopping binges (which also makes so wonderful, because it rewards you pretty handsomely based on how much you spend..but that was a wholeeee other post).

Heat switch -- the little orange light shows that it's on

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Anti-Aging - Beauty - "The Lovely" - Face - Product Review

Garnier’s new BB cream. Also. What is BB Cream?

January 24, 2012

How many of you have heard of BB cream? A show of hands? Well, the story goes that BB creams (which stands for “Beauty Balm” in this case, though some say it also stands for “Blemish Blam”) were originally used in Germany by derms to help laser surgery patients protect and sooth highly sensitive skin while providing light coverage. Fast forward, and it’s all the buzz among Korean celebs, who found it as an all-in-one product and their most coveted beauty secret. Not for long though — when the cat was out the bag, it spread like fire to women across Korea. Today, its popularity has spread across Asia, Europe, and Australia. Yes, sadly, we’re kinda the last to know.

Garnier's new Skin Renew BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector

But the good news is, Garnier has brought their own BB cream to the masses here with their new BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector.

The cream promises to even out skin tone, brighten complexion, renew radiance, deliver 24 hour hydration, and protection with its SPF 15. It’s also packed with Vitamin C — a powerful antioxidant and it comes in two shades (light/medium, and medium/dark) to provide a light coverage. It’s similar to a tinted moisturizer but it has more skin-perfecting and brightening benefits. I was sent one in medium/dark to review and have been using it as a quick pick-me-up before I apply my makeup and was impressed that it really added a fresh sheen to my skin without looking cakey (and it smells so good!). But don’t expect it to be as heavy duty as a concealer or foundation — it will minimize the appearance of dark spots but not totally cover them. That’s why it’s a good idea to layer on with a little color if you need it. Hence, it comes in only two shades and not multiple…it’s only meant for light coverage in that sense since it’s more for the skin’s benefit than anything.

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Beauty - "The Lovely" - Product Review - Skin

Beauty Product of the Week: Specific Beauty Skin Brightening Serum

January 23, 2012

I feel like I’m constantly discovering amazing products that I need some sort of new ongoing series to feature them. Hence, Beauty Product of the Week (Let’s call it BPW for short going forward, k? :)).

Specific Beauty Skin Brightening Serum

I’ve been freelancing at Allure, and just as you’d imagine, it’s quite the beauty product heaven. During a recent beauty sale, I picked up a few products from Specific Beauty. If you remember, I had a giveaway with them a few months ago. That was actually the first time I was introduced the brand myself, which is formulated to serve the needs particular to people of medium-to-dark skin tones (particularly, to even out your complexion).

I started using their Skin Brightening Serum and Professional Moisture Complex sparingly every AM and PM. I’m always really critical of serums and skin brighteners in general because the ones I’ve used in the past either feel sticky and gross or they dry out my skin. Surprisingly though, these were neither. The serum was more creamy and combining it with the moisturizer kept my skin from drying out.

Serum and Professional Moisture Complex

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