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JivamukTea Cafe in Union Square

January 12, 2012

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve embarked on a three-week cleanse that has totally turned my eating habits upside-down (in a good way). It focuses on eating a lot of non-processed, fresh veggies and fruits and cutting out other mostly-bad-for-you things (caffeine, dairy, etc.). The first week was rough — but I’ve slowly adapted and I’ve been feeling pretty amazing. I’ve had more energy, fitting into my jeans better, even my skin has been responding positively. In the past week I’ve had two people comment on its ‘glow’ (shucks!).

The hardest part I found has simply been A) finding time to do groceries and prepare my meals; B) when I’m short on time, finding places that will serve food that fit the parameters of the cleanse and still taste good. I’ve relied on Blue Dog for healthy, organic shakes some mornings, and anywhere I can get my hands on a salad. After working out with my friend Hamid last weekend, he took me to a cafe I probably would have never found on my own: JivamukTea Cafe. He tends to always show me some hidden gems in the city.

JivamukTea Cafe

The “hidden” cafe lives on the 2nd floor of the Jivamuktea Yoga School in Union Square (right smack in between Max Brenner and Cosi!). With no sign or indication of a cafe up there, you may very well pass right by it.


The place is outfitted in beautiful magentas and turquoise walls, chandeliers and plush benches to sit on. They focus on serving completely organic/vegetarian/vegan/Non-GMO food. While all the wraps and sandwiches looked appetizing, Hamid and I deferred to the salads. Cute quirk: When you order, they give you a playing card, and when your order’s ready, they just call out your card (“Three of Spades!”).

Kale salad

Hamid made his own salad with kale, setain (a gluten-based food that sort of tastes like meat), qunioa and tumeric dressing. I got a ready made one with green apples, walnuts, beets, arugula, grape tomatoes, carrots, and a vinaigrette.

My salad!

The portions were pretty generous too! It took me a while to finish mine. So glad I have another place to add to the list of healthy restaurants!


Meal: Dinner
Occasion: An excuse to get together
Price: $$
(Out of three stars)
Ambiance: *** It was…peaceful (as expected maybe)
Food: ***
Service: ***
Would I go back?: Yes!

Restaurant Info:
JivamukTea Cafe

841 Broadway
2nd Fl,
btwn 13th & 14th St
New York NY10003
Union Square


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2 thoughts on “JivamukTea Cafe in Union Square

  1. Sam

    You might have blogged about this earlier, but have you tried Terri? 23rd and 6th ,great little vegan cafe with fantastic juices and delicious healthy smoothies. I recommend the green power – kale, banana, pear, almond butter and almond/soy/rice milk (your choice).
    It’s pretty clutch.

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