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Beauty Product of the Week: Specific Beauty Skin Brightening Serum

January 23, 2012

I feel like I’m constantly discovering amazing products that I need some sort of new ongoing series to feature them. Hence, Beauty Product of the Week (Let’s call it BPW for short going forward, k? :)).

Specific Beauty Skin Brightening Serum

I’ve been freelancing at Allure, and just as you’d imagine, it’s quite the beauty product heaven. During a recent beauty sale, I picked up a few products from Specific Beauty. If you remember, I had a giveaway with them a few months ago. That was actually the first time I was introduced the brand myself, which is formulated to serve the needs particular to people of medium-to-dark skin tones (particularly, to even out your complexion).

I started using their Skin Brightening Serum and Professional Moisture Complex sparingly every AM and PM. I’m always really critical of serums and skin brighteners in general because the ones I’ve used in the past either feel sticky and gross or they dry out my skin. Surprisingly though, these were neither. The serum was more creamy and combining it with the moisturizer kept my skin from drying out.

Serum and Professional Moisture Complex

Even better, I felt like I noticed the difference within a few days. Any dark spots I had were lightening up a lot faster than I thought it would. I checked out the ingredients and it contains licorice, which is a known skin lightener because of its glabridin (which inhibits pigmentation). The moisture complex also contains grape seed oil, an antioxidant powerhouse and skin softener. Both are also under $50 each (the serum is $30 and the moisturizer is $20), which considering the fact that it can be compared to brands that are LOT more expensive, is a pretty good deal.


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One thought on “Beauty Product of the Week: Specific Beauty Skin Brightening Serum

  1. Zuala

    I would like to order the specific beauty skins especially serum 0.5 skin brightening. For night please.

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