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Rice in Nolita

January 30, 2012

Ah. You win some, you lose some. I’m pretty convinced this foodie friend of mine always knows the best tiny joints in the city so I was excited to come upon Rice when he led a few of us there a couple days ago. The place itself was so cute, but I think it was a sum of a lot of things that made it not the best experience this time around.


Here’s the cliff notes version. 1) It was raining and cold that night and we walked a good 15 minutes out of our way to get here; 2) We were all starving and waited another 15 minutes to get seated…pretty standard but that feels way longer when you’re famished; 3) To add insult to injury, they took ONE HOUR to get our food out. The people next to us who came after us go their food before we did; 4) When the food did come out, the portions were pretty small. And you’d think being so hungry, anything would do, but my coconut thai curry dish was three-fourths rice and one-fourth curry. I guess to their credit, it’s not false advertising. But I was still starving after my meal!


Spinach rice balls

Chicken satay

Lentils and black rice

Granted, I also got the smaller dish (it comes in a small and large), but after waiting so long, I was afraid ordering anything else would take another five years.

The food was not bad, and not expensive. Just probably not worth all that trouble.


Meal: Dinner
Occasion: My birthday celebration goes on!
Price: $$
(Out of three stars)
Ambiance: *** The place and cute and cozy, I’ll give it that. Loved that they had a fireplace too.
Food: *
Service: *
Would I go back?: Nah..even though I’m pretty sure it might have been a one-off experience, it also wouldn’t be on the top of my lists to go back to!

Restaurant Info:

292 Elizabeth St,
btw Houston & Bleecker St.
New York, NY 10012


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