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Swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen on food, her fiance John Legend, and partnering up with Venus & Olay!

February 29, 2012

Ok, I’m not sure how this will sound but it’s the truth: When I walked into Townhouse Spa last week for the launch of the new Venus & Olay razor, I’m pretty sure I stopped mid-sentence while talking to my friend, Valeria, when I caught sight of the disarmingly beautiful Chrissy Teigen to comment as follows: “Woah. Her legs are out of control.” Clearly, it’s not hard to see why the brand decided to partner up with the Sports Illustrated model on their revolutionary new razor. But more than that, Teigen is just as much a guy’s dream girl as much as she’s a girl’s girl, I learned from talking to her. She makes you feel instantly comfortable, and not to mention, leaves you laughing uncontrollably — the girl is hilarious!

Me with Chrissy Teigen. I need to really stop taking pictures next to models.

This is the first time Venus & Olay are pairing up to come out with their unique five-blade razor. The ergonomically designed razor contains Olay moisture bars infused with shea butter (and no shave gel needed! Just wet for a light lather). Teigen, who just recently got engaged to longtime beau, singer John Legend, says she’s an ardent “twice-a-day” shaver. She waxed poetic on her love for the new razor:

“I’ve been a Gillette girl for so long,” Teigen said. “Like I used to steal my dad’s razors. Now obviously I’m a Venus & Olay girl, I don’t feel the need to use a men’s razor anymore. With this one, you really do get a smooth, close shave which is really important to me because I can’t afford to have nicks on my legs. I know Photoshop exists but I prefer if they didn’t zoom in and touch up my blood [laughs].” During long photo shoots, Teigen said they would have a six-hour break where “the guys were gone surfing, and I’d be up in my hotel room to shave…again.”

The new Venus & Olay razor

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Get The Hottest Oscar Hairstyles At Home!

February 28, 2012

by Megan Segura


We finally made it the most glamourous awards show of the year: the Oscars! Just as we expected, we saw some gorgeous gowns and amazing hairstyles. While we can’t help you score a vintage Dior dress, we have great tips to get your hair looking red-carpet ready. Wella Professionals was responsible for some of the best looks of the night, and now their celebrity stylists are sharing their tips on how they created these hot Hollywood hairstyles.

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Michelle Williams
Michelle’s pixie is very modern and sophisticated chic. The hair has just enough texture to make the look sweet, yet edgy.

To Get The Look: First, start by applying Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte to wet hair, then allow it to air dry. With a small round brush, finish off with a blow dry that gives the hair more height, then use your hands to set the part and bangs. Finish the look with Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray to set in place.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Penelope Cruz
The actress showed off very old Hollywood glamour, channeling the 1950s Grace Kelly finger waves that perfectly complemented her Armani Privé gown.

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Notes from Dr. Oz’s Health & Happiness Summit

February 27, 2012

This past weekend, I attended Dr. Oz‘s Health and Happiness Summit at Radio City Music Hall. The event featured renowned nutrition, fitness, and health experts who spoke on each of his or her areas of expertise about where health and happiness meet. That included tips on losing weight, improving one’s skin, eating healthier or getting better sleep.

Dr. Mehmet Oz

I was live-tweeting the event, but I realize not everyone’s on Twitter or follows every single update. The experts relayed such great info though, I thought I’d share my notes here too:

– “Twenty-five of us are suffering from diseases that are a direct result of lifestyle choices.” -Lisa Oz

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The new JCPenney experience

So this is going to be a little different from my usual posts, but recently, JCPenney approached me to discover their “new shopping experience.” That includes a completely new look and feel to their store, including “fair and square” pricing year-round. In fact, Forbes published a whole piece on how JCPenney will be the Most Interesting Retailer of 2012. “[They’re] implementing a new pricing strategy,” the article says, “slashing prices up to 40% with to keep them that way year round.” And PS, did you guys catch Ellen’s JCPenney commercials during the Oscars last night? HILARIOUS. Check out the outtakes from the commercials, if you haven’t yet!

JCPenney in the Manhattan Mall

Anyway, I was given a $200 gift card to check it out for myself. I recruited my friend Afaaf to come along with me. Best.Decision.Ever. I think she was a stylist in another life.

The new JCPenney shopping experience

The first stop was the women’s department to update my wardrobe with some Spring-ready clothes. We found a fabulous pair of high-waisted navy blue linen pants from MNG by Mango that I fell in love with on first try.

MNG by Mango linen pants

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Oscar makeup head Bruce Grayson: It’s all about the skin

February 26, 2012

Bruce Grayson relaying some of his best makeup tips

It’s Oscars night! How many of you will be tuning in? I had the pleasure of talking with Bruce Grayson, the Oscar’s Makeup Head, in NYC before he jetted off to LA for the makeup trials. Grayson has worked with some of the top celebs (Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Brooke Shields, Kate Walsh, Denzel Washington, the Clintons…to name a few), and he imparted some of his red carpet predictions and invaluable tips that I swear work (I know, because I’ve tried some of them I can’t go back now).

Grayson's Oscar'd out Olay suite!

When I met Grayson at a suite in the Thompson hotel, he was re-creating one of his favorite looks from the Globes.

Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes

“I was enamored by Angelina Jolie’s look at the Globes,” he said. “To get this look, a lot of time is spent prepping the skin.”

Grayson's makeup wonderland kit

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Kiosk – Moroccan food in Harlem

February 23, 2012

Sometimes great restaurant finds start with Groupon.

Inside Kiosk


At least, that was the case last weekend when my friend Asma was in the city. While we were trying to figure out what to eat, she told us about this halaal Moroccan restaurant she found on Groupon, Kiosk. I hadn’t heard about it since it’s all the way uptown (and by that I mean East Harlem uptown). I know exactly no restaurants there, so I was excited to check it out. And it didn’t hurt that when our friends Saqib and Jainal joined us, we got a ride up there too..Score!*
*Not that we just asked you guys to come along because you had a car, I’m just saying.

Draping curtains, dim lighting, and sketchings on the wall, and even one table sitting on a loft overlooking the restaurant, I was pretty taken at how much character was in such a small space.


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