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Archive March 14th, 2012

All the pretty things at BaubleBar

I need to thank my friend Laura who introduced my to BaubleBar, a jewelry destination website with prices that will make you die (in a good way, I mean). Laura, you see, was wearing this gorgeous necklace that night, and when I complimented her on it, she told me all about Bauble. I went home and looked it up right away and uff. They had THE most gorgeous necklaces, rings, bracelets, cuffs…but I set my eyes on a pair of these beauties:

Aztec fan earrings

For $26?! They looked too good to be only that much, and for a minute, I had an internal battle where I told myself it’s probably made of cheapie material (or would look like it up close). But honestly, for the price I figured I didn’t have much to lose. Turns out since I was a 1st time customer, I got another $10 off to order right away. The earrings arrived at my door in record time, and I was only $16 poorer. And to my delight, they were even prettier in person. Turns out by cutting the middle-man, and with their web-orders only philosophy, the prices stay low.

I was so excited, I told my roomie about it, and she ordered a black leather studded bracelet from them too (I swear her package came the NEXT day). We were both so happy with our order that, I unno, I just had to share. Check em out!


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