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Review: Kiss Nail Dress Fashion Strips

March 15, 2012

I feel like I change up my nails pretty often these days. Nail strips are my saving grace (no dry time, less of a hassle), but this was the first time I was trying these nail stickers from Kiss. I’ve had a box of their Nail Dress Fashion Strips sitting in my room forever. When I was running out the door to attend a basketball game (which, OK, I admit, is not necessarily something that calls for fancy nails), I had 10 minutes and decided to try them out.

Kiss nail dress

: They’re a little more stiff than Sally Hansen’s Real Nail Polish Strips (which for the record, I’m obsessed with), and of course a big difference is they’re actual stickers. They have extra strips for your toes, but I wasn’t that ambitious. They’re relatively easy to apply though, and easy to file away the excess. Plus, they’re pretty easy to remove.

: They don’t go on as smoothly as Sally Hansen’s. I don’t know if you can tell in the picture how some of the ends did away too easily. Also, they don’t last nearly as long. After day one, there were already snags that would get caught in my hair. Finally, I thought the available designs were a little young for my taste (think neon tiger prints, rainbow confetti, and bejeweled variations). This lacey design wasn’t quite as loud.


: $8. These were a great quick solution (I literally had 10 minutes to put it on and run out the door), but I definitely still prefer Sally Hansen’s! Their black/gold net design (“Misbehaved”) is a good alternative to these!


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