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I still Bull-lieve.

April 29, 2012

Man. As a Chicago Bulls fan, news of Derrick Rose suffering a torn ACL with a minute left during the 76ers game yesterday was devastating. Devastating. I was at a bridal shower when I heard the news, but received a barrage of texts from friends and emails from family and was hoping it wasn’t what it ended up being…but alas. Such a disappointing start to the playoffs. I think we were all hoping for some exciting games to come in the Eastern Conference with the Bulls. I’m still pulling for you, Chi-town! In the meantime, I was pushed to show my support…like so:

Chi town!

Yup. Chicago Bulls Nail Tattoos. I actually was wondering a few months ago if team nail tattoos existed, and after a quick Google search, I found them and stocked up. I bought four packs of these specifically for the playoffs either on eBay or this site: CBS Sports–I can’t remember now–but they were only $1-$2 for a pack of 4 sets (20 tattoos). You can also find them on, or Party City. I noticed they’re a lot easier to find now that the playoffs have officially started!


They’re super easy to apply too — just cut the individual nail stickers, place on your nail, wet the back, and voila. I started by applying Inglot’s Breathable Base coat, and layers with their Breathable Top Coat just to make sure it doesn’t wipe off in the shower and what not. Plus, it looks nice and shiny that way :). [Update: I think it’s better to use a non O2-permeable top coat because your tat will still wipe off once water gets to it! Mine started fading in the shower because the water can penetrate this top coat]


Thought it was a fun way to show some team spirit. What are some other non-traditional ways you show your team support??


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5 thoughts on “I still Bull-lieve.

  1. Jess B

    Love these! yesterday was such a sad day, but I think Bulls can still make a solid run and hopefully still win, maybe this will be more motivation. either way love the nails and Go Bulls!

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