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Cos Bar at Target Giveaway!

April 24, 2012

**GIVEAWAY for 10 readers listed at the end of the post!!**

I don’t know if ye heard, but starting next month, Target is upping their game on designer partnerships to include shop owners of boutiques and specialty stores. The results are beautiful, affordable, and limited-edition collections that you.will.LOVE. Among them, a hard-to-miss line co-created by Cos Bar shop owners, Lily Garfield and son Oliver. And I say hard-to-miss for a reason — think bright, leopard print soap packaging, tweezers, and neon polishes (all for under $20)! Check some of the fun collection below:

Cos Bar at Target products

– 3 sets of false eyelashes. I happened to wear the last set at a wedding recently, and they surprisingly stayed in place all night — even after being applied by the fake lash novice, ie me. Loved that they just added a hint of definition to the edge of my lashline.

False lashes (set of 3)

Pretty sure there will be few others who can claim green, leopard-print Tweezers:

Leopard print tweezers

If it were edible, I’d drink this orange citrus body butter–smells SO good and so spring:

Body butter

A funky mini nail polish in purple.

Nail polish

Want to be first in line to try them out yourself? Well 10 of you can win ALL OF THE ABOVE (the body butter, lashes, nail polish, and tweezers for every winner) with this week’s giveaway!
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Remember, there will be 10 winners for this giveaway! Winners will be contacted by Wednesday, May 2nd. Good luck!


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I think I slept through most of Earth Day

April 23, 2012

I really cherish the days I get to sleep in, and on this rainy day where most people were celebrating the Earth by possibly planting trees and recycling, I like to think my contribution was inhibiting my carbon footprint by staying in. And of course, using Made From Earth products.

Made from Earth products

I was pretty intrigued with the small brand when I came across them — they only use high potency organic ingredients, with plants from certified organic farms. No toxic ingredients, no watering down, and none of the “bad” stuff: their products are fragrance-, synthetic, and paraben-free.

The only thing you have to get used to when you switch from the normal drugstore brands to more organic ones is a feel for different textures (the shampoos won’t sud, and other products like their Rooibos Tea Facial Scrub seem more liquid-ey than other scrubs I’ve used, but you can feel and see the difference after just a week.

For face: My face always feels so soft and clean after using the scrub, and their Green Tea Toxin Cleanser, which contains antioxidants and acne-fighting witch hazel.

For hair: My hair loves the combo of their Tea + Protein Herbal Shampoo (which contains antiseptic tea tree oil and wheat protein) and Peppermint Conditioner (which coats the hair with protecting oils). After all the heat abuse, my hair always feels stronger after I use the two.

And that, my friends, is my contribution in appreciating the earth. Enjoy!

Check out the rest of Made From Earth products at Products range from $10-$75.


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Giveaway: A gorgeous bouquet from Ode à la Rose

April 20, 2012

***Giveaway listed at the end of the post!***

Ode à la Rose bouquet

This is totally not BATF’s usual type of giveaway, but they found my Achilles’ heel: I’m a sucker for flowers and beautiful ones at that! Ode à la Rose is a brand new online NYC delivery service founded by two chic French investment bankers-turned florists, Olivier Plusquellec and Louis Brunet. Everything is done in-house, and there are some lovely touches to the service:


You’ll get a picture of the bouquet before it’s sent out. This is a bonus for me because I’m one of those annoying people who will always ask for a picture after I send something (my family can attest to this!).
High quality, sophisticated bouquets that each receives careful attention but at mid-level pricing (bouquets start at $40 and can go up to $130).
Roses are sourced locally from neighboring wholesalers in the Flower District which are supplied by the best rose growers from around the world.
The adorable packaging has cute sayings on the box (like, “Aren’t You The Lucky One,”) and beautiful presentation with soft tissue and loose petals inside
Finally, all bouquets are handcrafted and hand-tied by their in-house French floral designer and then hand-delivered to each recipient (same-day delivery available).

To celebrate the April launch, Ode à la Rose is offering free delivery on all rose bouquets, all month long, anywhere in Manhattan.

Read on for the giveaway details!

And now, my favorite part…the giveaway!: Enter to win a chance to send a customizable Rose Bunch bouquet to the recipient of your choice in NYC*. And if you’re reading this, you already know at least ONE person in NYC (me :) )…or maybe a friend, your mom, dad, sister, brother, hubby, wifey, boyfriend, girlfriend, crush, aunt, grandpa, long lost bestie — basically everyone should be entering, yes?


Follow @BeautyNDFeast and @OdealaROSE Retweet to win a beautiful @OdealaROSE rose bouquet for a loved one via @BeautyNDFeast #odealaROSE“. BE SURE to then leave a comment below with your twitter handle.
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Winner will be announced Wednesday, April 25th. Good luck!

*You can enter from anywhere, but recipient must reside in the New York City metro area. Delivery available every day of the week except on Sundays and major holidays.


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Pat McGrath and CoverGirl talk Spring makeup trends!

April 19, 2012

By Nicci Jordan Hubert

Spring trends

It feels surreal and utterly glamorous when one finds herself in a fabulous NY hotel, onlooking the Empire State Building, and sharing a cocktail with world-famous runway makeup artist Pat McGrath. Okay, fine. By “sharing a cocktail” I mean “drinking a cocktail while smiling politely (and probably a little awkwardly) at Pat while she converses with a circle of fans.” Still, when you’re near her, and also near a table overflowing with makeup, next to a table overflowing with canapés and desserts, you’re bound to feel just a little fabulous. Quite simply, the CoverGirl team never fails to impress. While many of us attendees chatted, drank, ate, and exchanged compliments, the CoverGirl team did makeup refreshers and showcased various looks on their own gorgeous faces, architected by, of course, Pat. It was a glittering sea of gorgeousness, and I am a sucker for such unabashed delight in vanity.

Spring trends display

CoverGirl makeup galore!

Beauty and some feasting!

After taking time to soak in the goods, we were invited to sit for an intimate presentation by Pat, where she shared willingly the hottest trends in makeup this season. What’s in right now? Rooney Mara, for one. The goth-like look—whether it be via muted eyebrows and dark, dark shadows (Pat’s calling the look “subversive chic”) or a chianti-toned dark lip—is on-trend right now, although I see it as a softened Goth-look. Not full-on, but rather, incorporating subtle hints of that edge, similar to how Rooney manages to maintain a feminine aesthetic amongst the dark shades. Pat showed a lot of drama in the looks, whereas in many past seasons, a soft, natural look was Queen. Right now, it’s all about boldness. Still, as always, be sure to balance out the eye to lip ratio; full-on 80’s dark-on-dark doesn’t appear to be en vogue (and if I had my way, I’d keep it that way, but hey).

CoverGirl makeup artist

A natural look is still in, too, but especially trendy with a hint of masculinity to it. Deep-set cheek bones, thicker eyebrows, browns and taupes instead of pinks and peaches. Pat is also, many of the CG girls told me, in love with a bold orange-red lip. Don’t think I wasn’t proud to hear that, when I had worn a bold orange-red lip color to the event. Oh yeah. 1 point for me!

Pat was so forthcoming with her information that she even gave us permission to share her slideshow with our readers. So, from her typing fingers to your viewing eyes, here is Pat McGrath’s Spring/Summer 2012 Trend Slideshow!

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A new doctor-office solution for excessive sweating: MiraDry

April 18, 2012

Yesterday, I was invited to a lunch to learn about Miramar Labs newest technology for excessive sweating: miraDry. MiraDry is a non-invasive treatment done in the doctor’s office to help prevent excessive underarm sweating. The statistics of the suffering of people who deal with this condition (called hyperhidrosis) is staggering: 1 in 5 adults in the US deal with excessive sweating, but less than half are aware that it’s a real condition or ever go to a doctor to talk about it. Of those, 74% admit to avoiding personal situations because of their sweating by limiting physical contact, dating, exercise, or friend and family outings. Fifty-eight percent experienced a negative professional or work situation because of their sweat (almost 91% felt lack of confidence during a presentation, 45% have specifically not pursued a job or career because of it, and 41% even cancelled or rescheduled a job interview). Clearly, the condition can be life-debilitating.

The miraDry procedure

A common procedure to eliminate excessive sweating has been Botox. What Botox does is it blocks the neurotransmitters that causes sweating, but has to be done every 6-7 months and at some practices costs about $2,000 every time. That’s why this new FDA-approved procedure is somewhat refreshing: miraDry actually eliminates sweat glands and only takes 1-2 visits for lasting results. Cost? about $3,000 for the two visits total (may be less in other areas). Plus, unlike Botox, it’s non-invasive–no needles or cuts.

The procedure is simple: The doctor applies a little local anesthesia like lidocaine to numb the area, then applies the miraDry handset over the underarm area. The device, which has a little bit of a painless vacuum effect, delivers precise, controlled electromagnetic energy to heat and eliminate sweat glands. It also contains a cooling system to protect the skin. There’s no downtime and afterwards, there’s a little swelling, but it doesn’t last long.

The miraDry handset

There were miraDry patients who spoke to us saying the procedure was “life-changing.” One said she doesn’t even need to use deodorant anymore. I asked Dr. David Goldberg who was there to talk about the treatment if eliminating the sweat glands leads to overcompensation of sweat in other areas. He said they haven’t found that happen at all (you’re removing sweat glands, but obviously not ALL of your 400 million sweat glands!).

I thought it was an interesting breakthrough in the area for hyperhidrosis sufferers. Would any of you get it done? Do you think it’s worth it?


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