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Bringing the spa at home: Warming face masks

May 31, 2012

As you may have read before here or here, I’m all sorts of obsessed with face masks. It’s the way I spoil myself at home with my own spa day. I can’t help it, there’s very little that makes me feel like I’m re-charged and ready to go than beginning my routine with a face masks. And so, it was only a matter of time before I came across some warming face masks that I’m loving right now (and my roomies are joining me in this love):


Somme Institute Boost Mask

Somme maybe better known for their 5-step skin-clearing regimen. The price tag for the whole treatment (about $298) may not be in everyone’s budget. But this Boost mask can be used on it’s own and feels amazing. It contains zeolite a natural mineral that warms the skin and opens the pores. Kaolin, a natural clay, then absorbs oil and impurities. Plus it contains a chock full of vitamins (E, B) to nourish, and pumpkin enzymes to exfoliate. It’s gentle enough for all skin types and even most conditions (sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, acen, rosacea) to improve skin tone and clarity. All while feeling you’re being swept away at a spa. [Read on]

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Beauty on the Streets: Tera Rae Stephens

May 30, 2012

Tera Rae Stephens

Name: Tera Rae Stephens

Age: 38

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A cut at the new Byu-Ti Salon in Brentwood, California

May 29, 2012

ByuTi salon

People often claim to know the exact moment when they realize they’ve met The One. Some say they feel a strong sense of certainty, while others report an overwhelming feeling of comfort like they are “home.” Both of these pretty much sum up my experience at ByuTi Salon (pronounced simply as “beauty”) in Brentwood, the newly launched hair haven from hairstylist Natasha Sunshine. Sunshine, who has tamed the manes of socialites and celebrities like Ivanka Trump and Molly Sims, recently added her second salon to the West Side area. Her Brentwood salon is more tucked away than the Santa Monica location, so it’s perfect for people like me who want to relax when they get their hair done.

Front desk


The interior, which was designed by Sunshine’s husband, is much nicer than you’d expect from a salon located in an unassuming business complex off of San Vicente. The warm, ebony wood and modernist design gives the salon a zen-like feel. It’s hard to be stressed out when you’re gazing out their floor-to-ceiling windows at the bright blue sky! Oh…and did I mention that they serve champagne on the weekends? Score.

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CoverGirl Makeup School with celebrity makeup artist Jake Bailey

May 26, 2012

By Nicci Jordan Hubert

CoverGirl makeup artist, Jake Bailey

CoverGirl is winning my heart more and more these days. Not only does their makeup continue to improve (more on this in a mo), but also they really know how to throw a party. This time, it was at the iconic and beautiful Palace Hotel. But when I entered the corner suite, instead of looking out over the gorgeous, shimmering streets of New York, I saw nothing but mirrors lining the windows. The reflections of the women in the room carried their own unique beauty, and I was happy to sacrifice the city view.

This way to makeup galore

The event was an ode, of course, to makeup, but it was especially focused on learning professional tips and tricks–many of which surprised me. Jake Bailey, makeup artist to the stars (and uber-cute guy), was here to teach us how to do a summer sultry look, with the help of his friends. I sat down with my personal makeup artist Jessica Ortiz, ready to be schooled. As Jessica and I watched, Jake began with his model what I can only describe as a life-changing lesson. Not because what he said was especially revolutionary–except that what he said was so simple, so intuitive, that it was revolutionary to me. His focus was (I’m paraphrasing): keep it simple. Less is more. And use your fingers.

CoverGirl makeup

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Curl Talk: A coveted cut at the Ouidad ‘curly hair’ salon

May 25, 2012

By Sarah Khan

Curls this good don't come easy

For a die-hard curly girl such as myself, there is but one holy grail: a haircut from Ouidad, the salon legendary for being a curl’s best friend. For years I’ve admired the brand from afar, using Ouidad’s products and dreaming of the day I’d finally be able to introduce my own curls to her patented Carve and Slice method.

Well, BATFers, I’m pleased to announce that day finally arrived last week.

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Win a Thakoon Scarf with Nars!

May 22, 2012

To celebrate this month’s launch of the bright Thakoon for NARS nail collection, today NARS is launching a contest for you to win an exclusive, not-available-for-purchase Thakoon scarf inspired by the collection! The colors, by the way, were based of his Spring 2012 collection, dubbed “Bollywood Western” and includes names like Lal Mirchi, Amchoor, and Koliary.

Thakoon for NARS nail polish collection

All you have to do to enter is Instagram an image of your lips and nails with the hashtag #NARSThakoon!

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