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Giveaway! How do you let your great taste shine?

June 11, 2012

Gah. Sorry about my absence — I’d fallen terribly sick but finally feeling somewhat better. Except the fact that my head feels like it’s floating on my body and I can’t hear out of my left ear, it’s all good ;). But seriously, I got so out of my routine of blogging I wasn’t even sure how to get back in the swing of things. Then I realized, a giveaway from Simply Orange Juice Company could be a nice rebound ;)…that, coupled with the fact that I’ve been living off Simply juices for the past week!!

Simply Cranberry Cocktail

SO to catch you up, Simply has just introduced their Cranberry Cocktail , and to celebrate, they’re sponsoring a fantastic giveaway on BATF! Great taste means starting with something authentic and letting its true expression come through – whether that’s in food, style, or merely a way of being. So, in honor of empowering great taste to shine, we wanted you to simply answer the question: How do you let your great taste shine?

Part of this week's giveaway: Slate + Wood Serving Board from West Elm

Answer the question and you can be one of TWO winners to win the following prize pack (worth $150 each!):
(2) Coupons redeemable for a 59 fl. oz. carafe of Simply Cranberry Cocktail
(1) Coupon redeemable for a 13.5 fl. oz. carafe of Simply Cranberry Cocktail
(1) Customizable Slate + Wood Serving Board from West Elm
(6) Silver glass votive holders with unscented tea light candles from West Elm
(1) One-year print subscription to Bon Appetit plus current issue
(1) $25 Gift card to Stonewall Kitchen

Mercury Candelholders from West Elm

TO ENTER: There are 3 ways to enter — do any to enter but more than one to increase your chances of winning! Remember, there are TWO winners this week!

Answer: “How do you let your great taste shine” by

(1) Leaving a comment below
(2) Tweeting your answer to @BeautyNDFeast with hashtag #Simply
(3) Leaving your answer in the comments sections of BATF’s Facebook page

You have til Monday, June 18th, to enter and the two winners will be announced shortly after. Thanks for entering and good luck!


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17 thoughts on “Giveaway! How do you let your great taste shine?

  1. dawn mcbeth

    I let my great taste shine, by starting an indoor year round farm market in Stockton NJ so I could feast on local sustainable food grown and sold by the farmers and artisans who so passionately feed me and hundreds of other local consumers of the best food available……and I help them in any way I can from sampling there amazing products to butchering chickens, to washing dishes at Bobolink Dairy and Bakeyard anything they need I am there for them…

  2. Livivua Chandler

    I let my great taste shine by practicing family recipes to pass on to my daughter

  3. Deirdre

    I let my great taste shine by sticking with what works for me. I know what I like, both in personal fashion and home design, so displaying/wearing items that scream “Deirdre” are key in my life. I don’t try to be anyone that I’m not, and following this philosophy keeps me happy!

  4. LaTanya

    I let me great taste shine by going with my instincts and what I feel is right for me and my family.

  5. Brittany

    I make my taste share by cooking for my friends and sharing it with them.

  6. Charlene Ross

    I let my great taste shine by paying attention to tiny details when friends and family come over. I like to make interesting cocktails (mojitos or sangria made from scratch) and put nice touches on a cheese plate like red and green grapes, green apple, and cashews. And of course I serve it on something beautiful.

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